P&G application process and interviews Internship Geneva


Hey there !

I applied for the Procter and Gamble CMK internship.
Application form sent, on the same day I received an invitation for an online test with behaviour questions (around an hour) + figural reasoning test (15min).
Only four days later, I received an invitation for a phone interview scheduled in four days after. With the phone interview with a CMK senior manager, I learned that the internship would be in Geneva ! Which I am absolutely comfortable with. It has been 6 days now and no news… I want this internship so bad !!

Can anyone who got the internship or who is currently in the process (in any department, for Geneva headoffice) tell me about the different steps and delays they got for their application ?? Was it really ONLY competency based questions or also knowledge of the firm ?

Any tips are welcomed :slight_smile: Many Thanks !


How did it turn out?



I have been invited to take P&G’s in-person Global Reasoning Test at P&G. It is a 65 minutes test and has 40 multiple choice questions. It has 3 sections- numerical reasoning questions, logic-based reasoning questions and figural reasoning questions. I would like to ask anyone who has taken the test the following questions

How was the test?

How many questions did each of the three sections have?

What advice do you have regarding how I can best prepare for it?
(especially since I would like to pass the test, get as high a mark and possible and be invited to the interview)