Oxford Arts Student


I’m about to start applications for grad programmes beginning in September 2009 and I’m hugely keen on working for an Investment Bank. I do an arts degree, geography, and got a high first in my first year at Oxford. I’m not sure which division I am best suited as, technically, I am not “strongly numerate”. Does anyone have any advice? I’m obviously looking at corporate finance but am put off by the ridiculous hours - does anyone know of any other divisions worth applying to? If not, where else should I apply?

Thanks very much for all of your help in advance.


You want to work at an [[investment banking|investment bank]] but you don’t like working with numbers or long working hours… it’s going to be tough!

…Look into [[Trading]]. 9-5ish + no hard numbers.


I didn’t say that; I said that I’m not considered particularly numerate - I have no problem working with numbers at all. I am looking into trading roles outside of banks as I’m sure S&T is beyond my grasp. Where would you recommend looking?


I wouldn’t do [[trading]]- it’s a more technical role than most. [[Corporate finance]] is fair- the hours are long, but if you expect to get paid you should expect to be challenged (it’s no easy ride).

If you are looking for more reasonable hours in something you might be more suited to, have you thought about doing a [[law]] conversion? Corporate lawyers are extremely well paid and, unlike [[investment banking]], you are not tied to working in the city or for banks for the rest of your life.