OVO Energy Online Tests


Has anybody been asked to do the online tests, supplied by Genesys, for Ovo Energy? If so how was it? and what sorts of test were they? Thanks



Sorry noone replied sooner - I haven’t done the tests but just wondered if you had done them now and if so what are they like? Standard?

Thanks so much



Hi Carly,

Yes i did the tests and got a place on the graduate programme! :slight_smile: They were numerical, verbal and abstract tests so pretty standard yes. The numeracy one was hardest in my opinion. What have you applied for with OVO?




Hi Becky,

Congratulations! I have applied for the general graduate scheme - the one which rotates around different departments. I submitted my app last week and the closing date is next week so Im hoping to hear sometime this week - fingers crossed cause I am really keen for this one! Is this the scheme you have a place on? If so it would be really great if you had any tips or advice at all?




Hi Becky,

I applied for the graduate programme too and received a date for the online tests…however, I was just wondering if you went through an interview process or it was just the tests




Hello Becky,

I have been invited to take the online tests. Can you please provide details such as minutes per test and number of questions? Also, i tried to find out the recruitment process but i was unable to find such information…After the online tests, if you are succeed, is there any interview face to face or telephone one, assessment center etc etc? \

Thanks in advance and congrats for your placement…



Hi everyone,

The scheme i have a place on is different to the ones you are now applying for. I have a place on the team leader fast track programme and will be working in customer services so I can not offer specific advice for your recruitment processes. However, I can tell u that firstly, I filled out the online application form, I then completed 3 online psychomentric tests and a personality questionnaire. I was then accepted and invited to attend an assesment day in bristol of which i was successful. The process has many stages but they are very well organised and keep you informed at every step. Good luck all, may see some of you in september!



Hi guys,
its great to hear the feedback you are giving on the Ovo graduate scheme coz its very helpful. I did apply for a position on one of their programme and the general clues you have mentioned will be of much help in case i get the chance to progress thru the process.

have fun.


Hi Mahoney/Vagelis,

When are your dates for the online tests? Mine is on 4th - if yours are before then it would be great to know what they are like? And if yours are after I will let you know how they go.

Thanks, and good luck!



mine is on the 2nd so will let u know what it is like




mine is also on 4th of July at 10 a.m. They told me also that they are going to monitor me through video cam…(skype i suppose, i don’t know). Also they sent me a mail today about the tests:

Please see the below information regarding the ability test you will be taking.

The tests we use are called GRT1 which stands for Graduate Reasoning Tests. They are timed tests designed to assess high level reasoning ability and consist of three sections measuring verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning ability.

Verbal Reasoning (30 questions) measures verbal fluency, vocabulary and the ability to understand and reason using words.
Numerical Reasoning (25 questions) measures the ability to use and understand numerical concepts, to reason using numbers and perceive logical relationships between them.
Abstract Reasoning (25 questions) measures the ability to understand abstract logical problems and use new information outside the range of previous experience. This is the purest form of mental ability and is least influenced by previous education and achievement.

If you are a Mac user please ensure that you have the Adobe program installed on your computer prior to testing.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me.

I hope that for everyone who hasn’t received this mail, it is helpful…




I have heard back from OVO with the online testing, and mines soon!

Is there any chance you can tell me how to revise for it and stuff? or whats on it - i dont want you to think im cheating or anything but i need all the help i can get!!

Also would you be working in bristol?

cheers, also do you need to have an interview/do you have one on webcam when you do the testing?



I applied for the same position (general graduate scheme ) and I will have my tests on 3rd. I will let you know how it goes, hope it can help.
I’m a bit scared since English is not my first language and those verbal tests are really difficult sometimes…!
I’m gonna be monitored as well (have no clue how, I guess they’re gonna use skype or something similar).

good luck with your tests :slight_smile:




hey guys,

i’ve also got a test on the 4th and came on here to find out a bit more cos their website doesn’t have anything about the application process.

I also got an email today about the test, good luck with your tests.


Ovo Energy is an energy supply company based in Cirencester, England. Ovo began trading energy in September 2009, buying and selling electricity and gas to supply domestic properties throughout the UK. The company sources its energy from various suppliers throughout the UK and from further afield as outlined below. Ovo Energy’s headquarters are based in Kemble, Gloucestershire. Ovo Energy is an independent supplier and is British owned and privately backed. The entry of Ovo into the UK supply market in 2009 was welcomed as it increased competition in a market that had been criticised for high prices.

A young company that has survived the onslaught from the big six

Looking for young blood to challenge


Hi guys,

Any clues about the Ovo IT & systems graduate programme online test? Am yet to take mine next week.

As james-y mentioned they will be monitoring via webcam!! I don’t even have one!!! i better start looking around since i really dont wanna miss it.



I can’t pass comment on the tests really as mine were supplied by Genesys so i would hate to give you false information. However, i assume the webcam will be the same. You just need a webcam, either built into your computer or one you plug in, and they watch you through the software they have. It isn’t skype or anything like that. Make sure you have a webcam though, otherwise i doubt they will let you do it. Let me know how u all get on :slight_smile:



I think all of us we will take test from Genesys… Obviously, the tests are different every time, but can you tell us how many minutes did you have for each of the tests??



Hey Becky,

for the assessment centre what activities were you required to do? eg. retake the tests, presentations, interviews, group discussions etc.




Think it was 20 mins for each, can’t remember exactly. Its timed as a whole test though not individual questions so try not to run out of time. At the assesment centre we did a group exercise, a ‘speed dating’ type thing and individual interviews.