our requirements were matched more closely by other candidates...


I’ve applied to a couple of banks and accountancy firms and to-date, I have received a couple of rejections while the rest are still under consideration or review.

In my rejection emails, the reason given to me was, expressed in one way or another, “our requirements were matched more closely by other candidates”.

I am wondering if this is a genuine reason for rejection. After all, I had an engineering degree, rather than a finance-related degree. Will the nice people from HR enlighten us on where we have stumbled - your personal profile or perhaps, your online test performance?

Or could it be that all rejection emails are the same, it will always be a less-than-perfect fit with their requirements?

Hoping to understand more about the recruitment and selection criteria from those who are successful or people with experience to share. Thanks.


it’s totally standard !!!

After the crisis, companies start to shapen their rejection letters since there are less spots, more applicants and they don’t wanna give personal feedback. I mean if it was written "you are good however due to high volume blabla " you would call the company and ask for a feedback !

This is my view