Hi buddies,

I will have to take OPTIVER first round tests next week.
I heard they were logic tests plus a lot of mathematics.

Does anyone know anything about these tests ?

Thanks for your help,



First test is 80 questions negatiely marked pass ark when i did it was 55. Out of 30 people in the room only three passed I wasn one of them. The math is simply like 3/8+6/7 or 0.8*21 etc so not hard but you have approx 5 seconds to compute it and mark it on the multi choice test paper cant comment on the other parts as if you dont pass the first you dont get to the other stage.

Good Luck



I am invited to the first round tests. I would like to know 2 things:

1- Can we use scratch paper? (I am sure I will lose more time trying to get the multiplication right using my brain than using my pen)
2- Are the answers given in the multichoice form very close to the right answer or it’s obvious that you can eliminate for example 2 of the 4 choices and you then hesitate between the remaining 2 if you didn’t make the whole calculus…

Thanks for your help.