Optiver Assessment Centre 11th September 2014



I have been invited to the Optiver Assessment centre on 11th September and would like to know if anyone else has the same invitation. I applied online through the Optiver website and am now preparing since I REALLY want this job. From what I have read on other previous forums, the test consists of 3 parts: 80 arithmatic questions for 8 mins, a sequence questions which are 25 as far as I can remember and the third is logical/mathematical puzzles for 25/30 mins.

Has anyone taken these tests before and could anyone shed some lights into the first part of the test please. Are the 80 questions exactly the same as on tradertest.org with maximum 1 calculation and maximum 4 digits per answer? This is the ‘‘easy’’ level for the math test and considering how hard it is to do in 8 mins, I can’t emagine that they would give us the ‘‘hard’’ version of this test.

Please comment about anything that may benefit all of us who are due to take the tests.





I’ve also been invited to take the test on September 11th. Any help from individuals who have taken the test before would be appreciated.

@bonevblagovest: I’ve also had a look at tradertest.org. I would be very surprised if the questions we will get will be harder than the ‘easy’ difficulty’ on that site. The other two very versions are bloody hard and near impossible to pass. Ho are you doing on them so far?



Does anyone have an idea on the pass marks for the first 8 mins mental arithmetic test?

How many numerical sequence questions are asked in the 25 mins allocated?



Hi DFire,

I have been practising the easy mode on the first mathematics test and can pass it almost every time now. I read at another forum on Glassdoor that the real test we will have will be easier since we are given a multiple choice. Other people on Glassdoor have posted that they have passed the first stage even if they got over 48 but aim for 54 to be sure. If they ask us the ‘‘medium’’ let alone the ‘‘hard’’ difficulty, we are screwed. In most forums people say that half of the candidates get eliminated with every test so I’m guessing that should be the ‘‘easy’’ version. As for the sequnces, they seem OK and from what I have read, time is not a problem with the sequnces like it is with the first test. If you have a mathematical mind, I think you will be OK. I hope this helps. Please post anything that you fing out during the next 2 days and GOOD LUCK!!!



Hi bonevblagovest,

Did you take the 12PM or 7PM slot for today? If you took the 12PM, how was it? Any last minute tips?