Optiver 1st round of tests


Just wondering if anyone else is due to attend Optiver’s 1st round of maths tests in April? Does anyone know if they ever reject CV/Motivational letters or is this test pretty much the first round for culling?

Have looked at past threads on them and the 1st stage just seems to consist of 10 mins to answer 60 questions in which you need to get 65-70% correct.

Thats only 10secs per Q so presumably theyr simpler with less info to read that SHL ones. Someone suggested learning up to 25x table which is pretty much impossiblle for someone like me with a shocking memory - willl probs just try get super fast at doing long multiplication/division.

Further advice and info would be massively apppreciated

Will update once ive done the test if others are interested - I imagine a lot of other trading firms have similar tests


Well after overwhelming interest, i thought id update you on how the tests went as i know that a few lurkers haave seen this post even if they havent responded. Pleas excuse bad grammar and spelling

10 people turned up in canary wharf at a hotel

lady organising the test was pleasant, tehy provided water on desk

1st test was 8 mins and 80 questions, apparently the head trader got 80/80 in 6 mins

1st test questions was stuff like 0.150.05, 30/6, 8 * 1/2, very easy, look at student2trader.com for good maths tools, especially check out the flashcards link. The guys saying u need to learn long shit like 0.260.34 are lying. The lady did not tll us the pass mark initally as apparently it lower ures chance of passing??? You recieve negative 1 for making a mistake or missing mid questions out (do google search for more details)

I got mark of 47 which was 3 below pass mark however they let me through to the next round. One other guy passed with 55 or sth. Everyone else got stuff like 40-15

Next set of questions was some really hard sequences. THis is where i was least prepared. These are really hard, good luck trying to find something to prepare you. Oscillating fractions, multiplactions and divisions were the easy ones, I achieved 16/25, the other guy got 15 - we both failed hwoever were let through to next round. 25 minutes

Final round was similar to 1st round - more time, less quesitons and more difficult questions. There is no “grey” zone for this test, you either ppass or fail. I failed, the other guys passed, cant remember the boyndaries.

Applying for optiver is a waste of time unless you are naturally very strong at mental arithmetic imo, most people can probably train to get get good enough to pass but there are better things you can do with your time and easier market makers to apply

Was pretty disappointed but got over it after a day when i realised i still ahd a kick ass offer which didnt involve me going to the dam and had long term career potential

my 2c


I hope you find this useful : http://get-that-job-at-google.blogspot.in/2012/12/optiver-tests-some-tips.html