Opinions on Bpp or Kaplan for ACCA


Would like to hear from anyone who has taken classes at either bpp or kaplan and how they found the whole experience. E.g is it worth taking part in all 3 stages of learning they offer


Hi Am3thyst

I have a training contract with PwC, and they use Kaplan, whereas my boyfriends firm uses BPP.

I am unable to comment about ACCA, but certainly for ACA the course materials seem pretty much the same - both of us have pretty much the same notes for each course. Saying this however, BPP did provide a ‘passnotes’ pack for each module, whereas Kaplan did not. This was a little summary books of key info on each module. I have to say, I nicked my boyfriends and found them really useful, and was annoyed that we didn’t get them with Kaplan.
As I said, the learning materials may differ from ACA to ACCA so I am unable to comment specifically, but this was just something I personally noticed!

In terms of the teaching, I was really really impressed with every Kaplan tutor I had. For Financial Accounting my tutor was the head of FA throughout the whole country, and really knew her stuff. I am not saying anything against BPP tutors, as I have heard they are also good, but I would recommend Kaplan from my experience.

I think there may be more BPP’s located around London, as my boyfriend studied at one close to our house at weekends, which is definitely a USP of BPP being the larger of the two, and something I definitely could have benefited from at Kaplan.

Overall, the two are probably very similar, and I think you will get top class teaching at both. Personally, I have been really impressed by Kaplan and the whole set up there, the tutors are really knowledgeable and are always keen to help you out, day or night!

Hope this helps a bit




Thanks for the response. Its good to hear various peoples views on them. I was aware of the passnotes bpp give and they do sound good i must say