Operations Grad Scheme - Santander

The Graduate


Hi I’ve just had my telephone interview with Santander for the operations graduate scheme. I thought i’d share my experience as this site has helped me answer some of the questions I had today. The questions were mostly comptency based and a few motivational :


  1. Tell me a time where you’ve gone above and delivered exceptional customer service ?

  2. Tell me a time where you’ve worked in a group ?

  3. Tell me a time where you’ve had to make a difficult decision ?

  4. When working in a group, when did you have to go out of your way to achieve your personal goals ?


  1. Why the financial sector ? and why Santander in particular ?

  2. Why did you apply through the graduate scheme ?

All in all it was ok, she also asked about my preferred location at the start, she told i was to start at £26k if succesful. I reckon my advice would be not to extend your answers, I made that mistake I made my answers very detailed and were quite long, she did cut me off at one point. The last motivational question was not expected, also I found 4) on the competency q’s quite difficult.

I was told I would be informed in 2-3 weeks. Hope this helps for anyone applying to Operations :slight_smile: Good Luck



Did you hear back from them about your interview? I am still waiting for mine since Feb :S