open plan office space


Does anybody else hate open plan offices as much as much as I do? Especially hot desking, where you don’t know any of the people sat around you, and more importantly their rank.


It’s better than being stuck in a 5ft by 5ft coffin by yourself. At least open plan lets you talk to people. …although it’s harder to pimp your myspace in open plan as the boss might see you… I;ll give you that…

Hot desking… hmmm… I like being around new people. I spent 8 months in an office with 6 people. They were all pr%cks. I would have enjoyed meeting new people!

Hot deskers can waste more time too, legitimately. When you need to move/look for a desk/sign in…etc… you can spend time “being ditzy” and not realising stuff, and legitimately waste time.



Oh that sounds awful. In my last job we did hot desking and it was absolutely awful. Half the time there wasn’t enough desks. You are always surrounded by wankers (but maybe that was the company lol!). I would have done anything to get out of it.

The only good thing was sometimes you could find a corner where nobody could see you. This was great cause you could avoid working if need be.

I did read some research that said some people become less and less productive the more they feel their personal space is being invaded (e.g. by sitting close to people, by having what you are doing supervised continously). I am certainly one of those people. The more closely I was watched, the less I desired to be productive. The best days where when nobody was around, and for some reason I then actually felt like doing some work. Crazy how your brain works.


I work at home. I’ve done nothing for four hours except watch interviews with porn stars on you tube. I could use some supervision!


Watching interviews with porn stars? That’s like buying a DVD and then only watching the special features. :slight_smile: