I nearly got rejected straight away cos my blazer wasn’t buttoned up!

They looked me all over at reception, and din’t even smile until I smiled at them. They said I could have polished my shoes a bit more, and told me my tie was a bit loud!

Apart from that, the rest of the day was intense. The presentation consisted of two old grey codjers sitting at the back of a room with clipboards, and me delivering a polished presentation to which they didn’t seem interested.

The written test consists mainly of stats, maths and research methods. I would say that the only thing for it is to really know you’re stats and research methods.

The Numerical test was harder and not at all like the SHL ones, It consisted of 10 multiple choice questions on statistics problems such as statistical definations, correlations, regressions modelling etc if you dont know how to do these then dont bother applying as you wont be able to blag it. For practice i would just look at A level statistics books and or Econometrics books.

Second Part of the test was Data analysis where you were given a set of data mine was on car ownership then asked to write a report that could be published in a national newspaper so all your answers had to be simplfied and explained in a non mathematical way etc. This counted for the vast majority of the marks.

I had to attend an Interview where i was interviewed by two senior members of staff and quizzed on my statistical knowledge and asked a variety of questions. They werent hard so long as you had some statistical knowledge etc you were not asked to calculate things in your head or anything like that. After the statistical questions it was a simple competency based interview such as give a time when… or how did you deal with an unexpected problem…

It was very hard because there were 25 of us in the group, split into 5 fives. I wouldn’t come if I were you, as you might fail.


i was there with you henry!

you didn’t do too badly mate.

i did think they were a bit grumpy but we’ll be OK!


In what way were they grumpy?! :slight_smile:


its all a bit of a laugh if you can take it on the chin. they were really old, no offence, but they just looked very tired.

the HR woman couldn’t stop telling jokes.

Show me a piano falling down a mineshaft, and I’ll show you A flat minor was one of them!


she said the process may be intense, and that’s useful because she likes camping.

it was a very weird day, but if you can take the rough with the smooth, you’ll be alright.