ONS assessment day


Hi there

I might be attending the ONS assessment day soon and was wondering if anyone has attended one in the past?

Specifcially I am interested in the examination.

I was sent a link for similar past papers :


I am very confident that I can complete the ordinary ones but less so with the higher ones.

Does anyone know what combination the above papers make to the assessment day?




Yeah I heard today around lunch time. I got invited to the next round, you?


Thanks. They havent emailed me yet to confirm anything. It was only a phonecall to book a date and a time for the test. You might hear Monday. Good luck


Hi guys,

I am also attending the assessment day on Friday in Newport - got my confirmation through today

Some of the earlier threads are a great resource for what to expect so thanks to the contributors. It only mentions the written test in the email (some of those who’ve attended before said a presentation and technical interview) so perhaps it’s just a written test and the rest on the second assessment day.

I applied for the researcher position so don’t know how that’ll compare to the statistician role/tests - it’s been a while since i’ve done any stats so hope it’s not too heavy on that

Good luck to those who are also attending


just had another look at the email - it says that the ‘ordinary’ past example papers are similar in content to the ONS ones so questionnaire design/sampling and the different types - adv/disadv of each - do seem to feature heavily in these