ONS Assessment Centre for Social Research, Newport


had the assessment centre today. very easy methinks.

all the stuff you said would happen, did!

cheers guys, bang on for a job for me i think yeh!


Starting work here next week. I’m taking over from somebody and they said that they send everybody on an external training course.

I’ve sent you lads PM’s so check them out.



hi guys.

I’ve got the assessment day coming up for a job in Titchfield. It’s really encouraging that some of you got a job. It makes it seem less like a waste of time lol. I hope you’re all getting on ok?

I was just wondering if any of you could give an example of a stats question you had in the written test. I’ve been swatting for a week because I haven’t looked at stats for 3 years since my MA, but I’ve only got a few days left and I need to focus - if only for my sanity! Were you asked about longitudinal research? Regression? How were the questions phrased?

Also, how do you think they made the decision where to put you? By what you said you wanted to do or by your test results?
Do you know if there is any/ a lot of focus on social research/qualitative as well as on stats?

Thanks guys. I really really appreciate any help you can give. I’ve never felt so unprepared or daunted by an interview before!




I have been working in Titchfield for a couple of months, and it is not what you think it will be. They said I could be a researcher. Well let me research then, not just make the tea, I have an MSc for God’s sake! There was one guy who got hounded out cos he liked fish. It depends I guess, on whether or not they like you, but the benefits are only so good because there is little competition involved.

It’s up to you. One thing I will always say about interviews is. No-one should ever ever be nervous. Almost every interview I have been to, I have made them look stupid by flipping the questions back onto them.


Hmmmm. That sounds … interesting. I am still waiting to hear, but am not that confident about how it went anyway. I never imagined the job would be like you say though. I’m shocked. Maybe you could take advantage of all the training that’s available? Or is that a myth too?

May be seeing you…



Hey guys,

I have got the assessment day coming up for a job in Titchfield!!! PAUL POTTER is it that bad mate?? Cos i said i didnt mind whether i go to titchfield or newport, had a date for newport on the 4th of november but i couldnt go on that day. So asked them to change it to Tichfield on the 18th of November.

Is there anyone currently working in Tichfield?

I was just wondering if any of you could give me an example of the type of stats question you had in the written test. Im also dreading the whole process…

The presentation, the group activity, but mostly the test!!!

I have yet to receive my email, with what the day will hold. So would really love some feedback, any advice???



Is it really bad @ Titchfeld, I will be going to for my assessment there.

Would really love some feedback, and advice on what to expect at the assessment. In particular the test?


Hi, i have an assessment coming up…

Any particular stats and social research methods…??


Hi All

I’m going to the Newport Assessment centre on the 16th I’m really stressed with the preparation at the moment. During the technical interview do they have prepared questions or are the questions relevant to your presentation. Any pointers on what to expect from the written test would be great.


Probably both - at mine, I was asked a few questions about my presentation and then a few more general questions.

I work at the ONS now so I don’t mind answering questions if anyone has any. Probably shouldn’t give advice on the written test, though, other than that it’s pretty much what you’d expect - some questions about statistics and some questions about surveys.


Hi guys,

I’m going to the Titchfield Assessment centre on the 7th. I was wondering if anyone could tell me whether the presentation has to be based on Statistical research that I have done. The only major piece of research that I have done was maths/physics based with no statistical input. I have analysed and interpreted various data that I was given for other work, but I just used data given to me on a sheet of paper.

Thanks in advance.


Hi all,

Im glad to see there is a blog for discussions about the ONS assessment day. I have mine in newport on 14th December. A little aprehensive about the day as it seems very intense! Glad theyve given us lots of info about the assessment so we know what to prepare. Been 3yrs since i did any stats stuff in my psychology degree- got all my folders out today and cant remember a thing! Presentation should be ok as just need to talk about our research project, just not looking forward to stats exam :-/ be good to hear from others who have an assessment soon too x



I have an assessment day coming up soon at the ONS Titchfield site, and was wondering whether anyone here is currently working/has worked there?

If so, I was wondering what the working environment and people are like, whether you enjoy your work and also what the area is like for living? It’s a little bit cheeky to ask, but I am also curious about the pay range I might expect to be within?

I’m unsure of what the career path in the ONS is like? For instance what opportunities for promotion might crop up? I’m also wondering how the positions work, do people stay within one team working on specific tasks set? Or do projects turnover and people move around?

Big questions I know, but any guidance anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!



Hi everyone,

I just like to ask, what type of questions came up in the ONS research/statistian written test? Were there any probability, time series, index number questions?


Hey, what stuff did come up? I’m not too sure what to revise