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Hi all,

I have just done the KPMG online test but I think I have messed up the verbal part still have the numerical part to do, can someone tell me what are the percentile for the verbal part to pass? Or is numerical considered as well as verbal and can compensate a lower in one? I really have problems concentrating on reading these passages in front of computers…


You need to be around 30-40th percentile in each test to pass. That was in normal days but I am not sure whether its still the same because circumstances have changed due to current economic situation and rise in no. of applicants.
KPMG tests are the most difficult and have lower pass percentiles.


Uzairch: “KPMG tests are the most difficult and have lower pass percentiles.”

Couldn’t agree more. I failed the verbal one. Thought I did ok on it as well haha


Uzairch, thanks for the info, well I hope I have made it, probably will know sometime next week.

edinburgh_dave, sorry to hear that, have you got any luck on applications elsewhere?


ml85, indeed I had some luck elsewhere. Got a couple offers one of which is at PwC


edinburgh_dave, congratulations on the offers! So which company are you going to work for in the coming year if you don’t mind me asking?


thanks. gone for pwc job


On Queen Street? nice one, I was in there for an interview last week - took the lift to the wrong floor first time round…


Yeah Queen Street indeed. Did you go to the 3rd floor?:stuck_out_tongue: I scouted it out the day before so I knew exactly where I was going and noticed the signing saying PwC reception 2nd floor. Office is quite nice inside, don’t get much of a decent view out the windows it seems though. How did the interview go?


Yeah I went to the 3rd floor as I was in a bit of a rush thanks to Haymarket roadworks and having to park in the St James, stood there confused for a couple of minutes and then asked a chap who was coming out of a room where I was meant to be…

Interview went pretty well I think, though I must admit I was more confident with KPMG - guess its just playing the waiting game now…


How long ago was your interview? I think I waited just over a week to hear that i’d made it to AC. What service line are you going for?


It was Thursday just there so its not been too long - going for Tax. My interview was with a Glasgow manager but he was pretty sound so I felt pretty comfortable throughout; unlike my previous KPMG exploits where I spilled a glass of water down myself…


Ah rite so you should hear back by end of this week maybe. There was a guy going for tax at my AC a couple weeks ago. Don’t know how he got on though.
Nice way to start an interview haha. Was the interviewer amused?
Do you study in Edinburgh or just fancy working here?


Yeah managed to laugh off my mishaps pretty well in the end - they want me for an AC anyway so I mustn’t of been a complete fool to them!
Yeah just really want to work & live in Edinburgh after spending a lot of time there the past few years


Ah well, congratulations at getting this far and good luck with the AC. Any idea which you’d prefer PwC or KPMG? I have a good mate here who actually already has a place lined up in tax with KPMG after doing a summer internship with them. I been to Deloitte offices at Saltire Court. Fancy building it is! Wasn’t overly keen on Deloitte’s actual offices inside though. I wonder if there are ever any fights between rival Deloitte and KPMG staff haha


I hear its just like West Side Story between the two… calculators at dawn! Not really sure with my preference to be honest, KPMG would perhaps be in a better location for where I’m thinking of living but they’re both right at the top of my list!


Yeah Saltire Court is a nice location near the castle. Erskine House is good location as its nearer Princes st etc i guess. Not sure where i’m living next year so that hasn’t really factored into my acceptance of a place


That’s it really, there’s so little to choose between them that I was looking at it like that… Just want these next couple of weeks to fly by so I know one way or another now though!


Yeah a big thing I looked at was clients of PwC and the top graduate employer award. Definitely appealing features of theirs.

Get the feeling we have hijacked this thread a little bit haha


Of course those are also features that I am keen to mention at interviews etc too… and also PwC used to be sponsors on Pro Evo… :wink:

Yep thread is well and truly hijacked… oh well.