online test results kpmg


Hi i did the online tests over christmas and have had an email saying that i have passed and will be hearing soon about an interview date,
firstly i was wondering where we can look at out results for the tests?? (i thought i had failed)
secondly does anyone know whether this interview will be over the phone or face to face???



Me too! When I finished my online tests I thought I was over, but in fact I passed. I think if you have passed, you won’t get the results. On the other hand, one of my friends who failed the tests, was rejected and informed about her scores in both of the tests.

If you are applying for Grad. position, your interview will normally be face to face. However if you have genuine difficulties to go in person, they will allow phone interviews in very exceptional cases.

Sorry about my crappy English. Hope this would help a little.


I think you do get the results if you pass but in the next email.

Maybe it depends on who sends them to you.


still haven’t got a interview date… i think they are torturing me!!!


Yes, they are torturing us! They cancelled my interview last week and I’m still waiting.


How was the test? Since you passed it, I have received a mail for the online test and im scared, I was trying to solve GDP and inflation questions but they are just over my head. Can anyone give a tip or two so that I can practice before I make the attempt.