Online Assessment required pass rate?


Does anyone know what the pass rate requirement is for BDO online assessment? 70%?


it doesn’t work by %'age but by percentile

i.e. how good you did compared to other people who did the test

i.e. 70th percentile means you did better on the test than 70% of the people who have taken it in the past

I think their percentile is probably 60-70%


When I talked to the recruitment officer at PWC he told me all you had to do was ’ beat the majority’ i.e 50th percentile. Which makes sense as I had a car crash numerical test at the office and passed (I was in the 52nd percentile lol)



Thank you guys I will keep that in mind :slight_smile: good luck to all job hunters!!


remember every firm has a different ‘pass’ rate so 50th percentile may not be ok for some other firm


obviously lol