one page cv to accompany online application


As the online apps asks all the relevant education details do i need to include this again in my cv- it’s only allowed to be one page so need to cut things out.


Probably not- just mention that they are on the application form.


what i did was put my personal info, like name, address, email address etc as the header of the cv, so i had a lot more room to play with for the other sections. I put all my educational info in 3 lines (summarised my gcse and a level grades). also, just put in whatever is necessary on your cv. so don’t have a lot of random info on your work experience. write 3 things about it - what you had to do, why were you were good at it, an example of what you did that made a difference.
they only spend around 30 seconds to 1 minute MAX on your cv, so whatever’s on there needs to be the good stuff. it is a case of quality not quantity.