Onboarding process



Hi, I have just accepted a place on the intensive audit programme in London. Has the start date been decided? I only received an email today stating the provisional date of 21/09. Also, the online contract required a number of forms and proofs before joining - how do I access these and how should I submit my proofs of academics etc? The additional information file does not have working links for these… It’s almost September so understandably, I feel a rush to get everything and accommodation sorted and thought I would probably get a quicker response on here than email… (Thank you Sam!)


Well done on receiving the offer. The start date for the Intensive programme is 21st September, yes.

For all Onboarding queries please email new.joiner@kpmg.co.uk, as they are the team with the access to the Onboarding materials (we don’t have them in recruitment I’m afraid). The team are usually quite quick in replying - 24-36 hours normally.