O'Melveny & Myers interview


Hey, I was wondering if anybody has had an interview for a training contract at O’Melveny & Myers?

If so, I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give.



Hello Gabriel and welcome to the forums…

Is this for a Training Contract in the UK? Have you already been offered an interview? …I had heard it would be a couple of months before these are offered to applicants…!

I can’t say much about the interview process I’m afraid as it’s not something a large number of candidates have experience with - the firm only hire about 6 trainees a year! O’Melveny & Myers presence in London is small compared to other firms.

What I can tell you is that the London office focuses primarily on Private Equity - they also have a litigation department (I think they’re working with another law firm on this) and the usual Tax, etc. You should prepare yourself for relevant questions, particularly regarding the Credit Crunch!

Consider also the way the private equity industry could be changed forever as a result of the credit crunch, whether it will change, and if it doesn’t change, how you think it will get back to how it was previously.

Research private equity deals such as relatively recent Alliance Boots in case the interviewers ask industry specific questions.

Think about the stir caused a few months ago by capital gains tax alterations - all the private equity people in london were threatening to up and leave because of these.

Also think about how current economic factors may effect O’M+M. At first glance it sounds bad, but Private Equity is still raising huge amounts of cash and this firm are, it seems, relatively well placed to handle instability as their biggest PE clients are strong on secondaries and distressed acquisitions, and they regularly act for some of the major sov wealth funds.

I’ve heard the firm is very pleasant too and that the people there are genuinely nice to work with.

Please post any more questions you may have and your feedback from this interview would be much appreciated!

Good luck!



Thank you for that, that is really helpful.

I have an interview for a training contract coming up. It is early because I applied for one of the two vacancies that are still open for 2009. They must be looking for exceptional students if they still have 2009 vacancies which does worry me a little!

The area that I am interested is the Tax side so I think that I will try and steer the conversation that way as much as possible.

Thank you for your help.


No problem. Good luck and hope everything goes well. If you would like to post following your interview it would be greatly appreciated!



I would highly appreciate your insight.

How long can one expect to wait after submitting a resume? When is the earliest/fastest OMM will grant interviews? How does it work? Do they offer interviews on a rolling basis or do they wait until a deadline and then review all the resumes all together?

Thank you!