Olswang Interview



Hi there,

Thanks to redsuperted’s expert advice I have now obtained an interview with Olswang for an IP paralegal role. I am so excited I could shout and scream like a loon.

Anyway, they want me in on Friday, so I am now slightly worried!! Any tips for the interview would be great???!!!



Well done!


You should just relax and be yourself.


Thank you…its hard not to get nervous though


Hey Rebecca,

Thank you for your kind words, it really is appreciated :slight_smile: …unfortunately my computers decided to all simultaneously crash this week and I’ve only just been able to get back online so I haven’t been able to follow your progress with the interview… how did it go?! I imagine it was pretty tough…but I’m sure you knew what you were doing :slight_smile:

Let me know… !




Well it was pretty nerve racking, but I’m staying positive about it. I’ve just got to keep everything crossed until next week now!

Thanks again for your help, much appreciated!



Did you find out?! …I’m applying for Olswang right now… any tips?!



I cant really say on here if I got it or not, but I will say that you need to push any nerves that you may have completely out of your system as hard as that maybe and sell yourself 100%. Be confident and make sure they know you can do the job, that is what they want to know. If they tell you that you are going to be doing a lot of something, make sure that they know that you can do that and more.

The firm is friendly and definately somewhere that be lovely to work for…sell yourself