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Oliver Wyman

I was invited to do the online Oliver Wyman tests, which I have now completed and they are extremely difficult! However, I was wondering out of curiosity if they invite everyone to take the online tests as the email I received said,
“We would like to invite you to sit the Oliver Wyman online tests…we will review your test scores along with a further screen of your CV and be in touch with you, at the latest, by 19 November 2010…”


Hi Paul

Would you be kind enough to tell us about your background. They rejected my application straight away without the tests although I have been interviewed at most of the big banks.


I have a politics degree from a red brick university with a pre-dominance of 4 ‘A’ grades at A level in Maths, Chemistry, German and Psychology. I graduated over one year ago and have been working for the Civil Service. However, my passion has always been strategy/management consulting.


Even though I have an Msc in Finance from UCL they still rejected me I mean I wasnt given the opportunity to take the tests. I asked them for feedback and they didnt provide any!



It definitely sounds like you have the academic credentials. However, there could be a numerous reasons as to why they deemed you unsuitable. Perhaps, your cover letter didn’t emphasise why you want to work for Oliver Wyman or the consulting industry in particular. What are your extra-curricular activities like? Positions of responsibility? Commitment and passion to pursuing a serious career in consulting? The frustrating thing about being rejected at application stage is you are provided with no feedback as to why your application wasn’t progressed. I often find the stock rationale for not providing feedback is there are “too many applications” to do so.


Well I think I had everything. I made it even to Mckinsey at the first stage although I understand that each company has different policies. Well the consulting industry you are right. I have only got financial services experience. Anyways best of luck with your application.
Anyways how did you find the tests? Have you taken tests of IB’s? If so can you give me an idea?



I applied to oliver wyman… got rejected for their general mgmt consulting track… but I wasn’t really interested in that…

But still no reply from the financial services management entry level consultant post… no invite for a test either


Hi abi

I am in the same boat as you!!


Hi Paul,
Thanks for sharing. I have also been invited for the online test. I was wondering if you could advise on the best preparation to tackle those online test and the level of difficulties of both numeracy and critical reasoning tests. Did you complete all the questions? thank you so much for your info in advance.


I have also been invited for an online test and would like to know some details from people who have taken it… thanks in advance !


OK - I took the test … Phew !!! have never seen such a difficult entry test in my life.

Although reached question 30 in time but do not how many got right !!!


Hello Verbose,

When did you apply to McKinsey? I applied more tahn 10 days ago. havent heard anyhing from them yet. What about you?


I am invited to take the test, numerical and critical reasoning at their assessment center tomorrow. Any one now would there be any difference compared to the online one? Thanks!


They are using GMAT Maths,…


No one can tell you that because you either take online or in person. I can tell you it was very hard.


Anyone else still not heard?


As expected, my application wasn’t progressed any further after I sat the online tests. They were extremely difficult.


Sorry to hear that Paul … I had an email saying that they will contact me shortly after 19th but haven’t heard and I can second what Paul has said … these questions were extremely difficult and I don’t personally think that I passed either … still waiting though !


It’s great finding people in the same situation as I am. I applied to the Management consulting stream, did the test and still awaiting a response. Although they said interviews would take place on thursday 25th and friday 26, there’s still no response yet. Has anyone gotten a response from them?


I think I may know why.
I applied to both the GMC and FSC but my application to GMC is still “under consideration”. I took the tests but I suppose until my GMC application gets looked at, they can’t tell me which interviews I have, if any. Hopefully I’ll hear later today or tomorrow.