Oliver Wyman Online Test

Oliver Wyman

Hey guys,

has someone got news about the OW online test? is it numeracy test or verbal or both?



Is it online? I thought they make you take it in person. Apparently it has a 20 minute critical reasoning and a 20 min numeracy test. That’s all I know…


it is in person. 20 min for numeracy and 20 for critical reasoning with 30 questions each. I have been invited for the tests but i really do not have any further ideas about this. If anyone could share their experience please.


I was invited too. However I really think 20 mins for 30 questions is impossible to finish…
I am scheduled on this Friday. how about you guys?




I haven’t heard from them yet, so I guess that it isn’t really a good news.


I’ve been invited for an online test too. I think it depends on where you live as to whether you get invited to do them in person, or online.

In my opinion the online tests are harder than the standard SHL, PSL ones, so I would assume the same thing for the paper ones.

Did you apply for GMC or FSC?


i applied for GMC but I have just received an email saying that I have been rejected!


Hi XO, I have been invited for the test this Friday too. I don’t have any ideas. What is your time? Mine 15:00.
I will share my experience later.


Is there any sample test when you’re taking the online test one? 20 minute critical reasoning and a 20 min numeracy test, each for 30 questions? is critical reasoning like verbal test?


mine is on 10 in the morning


Does anyone which system they are using for their online test. i.e. SHL. You can go to their website and take one test for free.


I did the SHL test earlier and I found it pretty difficult. the numerical test had tricky questions!!!


Hmm… I can’t understand how they can do a num test online… where I have a calculator in front of me…anyway any feedback from the online test?

Anyone?? Please share


go to http://www.shldirect.com/numerical.html and take the test.


Thank you very much mark… Sorry for being a dummy… good luck with the interview.


no worries fingers crossed for you as well!


I have given a lot of online tests for various Consultancies and IBanks, most of them provided by SHL. Till now I have found most of them relatively easy. But the OW test is totally different, not much emphasis on numerical data interpretation but more on probability or geometry. I didt even remembered the formulas at that time.

The critical reasoning is probably the toughest I have faced.


u’ve already taken the test?
how many questions did you manage to finish?


…My tests slot is 14:00 in London… Anyone else got the same time?