Oliver Wyman on-line test

Oliver Wyman

Does anyone could give me some ideas about the on-line test of Oliver Wyman?

Thank you~!


Hi sophia! when was ur test??? have u heard anything back from OW??? i had my test on 8th Nov… still waiting for their response!! fingers crossed


Hey Nawasthi,
I had mine on the 7th and haven’t heard back yet. They said it would probs be by friday…have you heard anything yet?


Hey… no I havent heard from them as yet!! lets see…


Has anyone heard from Oliver Wyman???


Nope, haven’t heard anything yet…
I hope they do respond today, because in one of the automated emails it seemed like they would respond on Friday or shortly thereafter.


Nope haven’t heard either. They said by Friday but I think they generally take a while from what I’ve heard


I just got my response with 1.5 hours before midnight - no luck for the GMC at least.


I got rejected for financial services but waiting for management consulting. My cover letter talked nothing about FS and I just chose FS just because you had a second choice.
How did everyone find the test?


Hey Francesca,

I have just been invited to take the tests. How they compare to the shl tests?

Good luck with your application!


I still did not hear from them :frowning:


Hi Francesca,

I had not heard from them either, it was getting ridiculous since I called them several times and they told me they would update my status but still nothing. After a couple of weeks, they rejected me for FSC, and just now they rejected me for GMC too. However none of this was via email, I had to login to my application to find out for myself… oh well


i applied on september 4 and haven’t heard from them for gmc…