Oliver Wyman Insight Day

Oliver Wyman

Did anyone attend the Oliver Wyman Insight Day this summer?

What was it like and was it useful?



I also would be interested to know about it…


Hi singparrot

Did you apply and got contacted for the insight day on 6th? I did and no response, is it only targeted at students from the target unis listed on their website?

thanks alot


They sent me an email a few months after rejecting me for a summer internship saying they wanted me to apply for the insight day. I guess we more or less all got the same email?
I applied, and got a place a few weeks later. I do not think you necessarily need to be in a specific university to be able to apply / get it. Unfortunately, it is also about luck because they must receive a hell lot of applications…


Hey thanks for the info

I’ve only applied last week , guess won’t be hearing from them before 6th then.
Enjoy yourself on the day…


Hi SingParrot

How’s the insight day ?
just spoke to hr and still reviewing my app from last month.

Did you get to network quite a bit and what are the attendees like, in terms of people’s background etc ?

Thank you so much in advance