Oliver Wyman app

Oliver Wyman

any ideas about how long it takes to hear from them once you have submitted your application?


no idea…hav applied abt 2 weeks bak…havnt heard nethin :frowning:


they will reply after the deadline has passed in November. the first round is numerical and verbal tests at their office, OR, online.
then if you pass, the second round in two interviews (case based), if you pass that, then you go to the third (Final) round for more interviews (4 or 5 i think)


OMG!!! sounds like a true marathon :))



did you apply for a role at OW and how far did you reach in the assessments?



@ hazelground - yeah applied to OW. The deadline is 11th November (i think) for the pre-xmas interview cycle. So, my application is on hold now.

after the deadline has passed, then they will review all the applications and send the test invites accordingly. Everyone who passes the tests (which is the hardest in the industry) will have the first round interview on 27th November (London), and if they pass that, then the AC soon after.

for people who submit their applications after mid-November, there will be another recruitment cycle after xmas in January. similar procedure.


thanks for the info!

you are saying that the tests are the hardest in the industry. What makes you think that?
Are they not the usual SHL/PSL type? Are they rather GMAT style or Mckinsey style?

can you give me a clue or an example of what these tests are about? Is it verbal and numerical both?


anyone noticed any changes in their application status so far?


November 11th - application will be screened

November 18/19 - numerical and verbals tests

November 27th - first round interviews

December 4th - Final round interviews

December 7th - Offers handed out!


sorry, did not mean to be impatient, was actually referring to what’s written in your status
mine says: “application has been submitted and is under consideration”…how about yours?

thanks for the above info? where did you get it from?



@ hazelground - I got an email from OW saying that my application has been recieved and now is on hold until the deadline passes. As for the information above, I went to a OW presentation at their london office. there is the presentation, they told us that these were the dates for this years interviews/ACs for full-time graduate positions both for FSMC and GMC.


Hey is thhis the schedule only for their london office?
any idea about their shcedule in sinngapore?


this is the schedule for everyone who are based in London. doesnt matter where you applied as long as your are based in London.



I never received any email from OW the way you did…not sure if this is good or bad :slight_smile:



dunno hazelground. as long as you sent your application, it should be alright, as they wont review any of the applications before the deadline


ok then…let’s hope for the best! :))

are you familiar with their testing style? is it GMAT?


the tests are really hard - the hardest in the industry. Not SHL or those style. Lot of probability questions and problem solving questions. the calculation part isnt tough, but its tough figuring out what to calculate and how! - tougest set of tests you will ever face for getting a job!


Is there any way to prepare for those tests?

Do you get them again if you happen to qualify for the subsequent rounds?

By probability Qs, do you mean something like throwing dice, pack of cards, etc?

I find it really sad to let a stupid test ruin your chances to reach an AC with OW?
There must be some preparation available for this?


Ouch’ hardest test in the industry’ not looking forward to Thursday now!


im going to be having the test this week. was wondering if anyone that did it today (17th) has any feedback on what it was like?

quite worried…