Oh no! Graduate job vacancies fall by a fifth!


I’ve compiled some info on the WikiJob blog about the current graduate jobs “crisis”… gasp! Lots of shock journalism - things aren’t so bad… are they?!

See - [[Graduate jobs: Job vacancies for graduates fall by a fifth]]


Well the current job markets not great for anyone, but if you look hard enough and are prepared to make a few sacrifices (applying for jobs with a lower salary band, relocating etc) you’ll find them. Personally the ones i feel really bad for are those in retail without any qualifications. at least as a grad you have something to back up your skills.


Some shocking news Ed! Noob your right - a qualification is a qualification, you can make something out of a 2:2 or even a 3rd, if you apply for enough jobs.

What does get to me is the timing of it all (i.e the year of my graduation) - I guess it’s not something I’m used to in the world of work.




It’s funny. Publicly the AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters) keep on saying that graduate recruitment will be fine, that big firms will carry on recruiting young blood, etc, etc…

But privately… they speak very differently!