Ogilvy Interview Tips: Graduate Trainee - Advertising Account Executive


Ogilvy are one of the top global advertising firms, and a great place to get a graduate job. Consequently, their interviews and assessments are rather tough!

Here are some tips for the assessment day, the second stage of their interview process, which follows an online application and first round interview.

The assessment day lasts from 9:30am - 5:30pm and you will meet four interviewers over the course of the day who will each ask their own questions, in their own style. Expect lots of discussion about “why advertising” and “why Ogilvy”. Make sure you have researched who “Ogilvy” was and why he was such an important driving force in advertising. At the very least, you should have a look at books written by the man, and about him, as at this stage in teh interview process at least one of your interviewers is sure to pick up on this!

Expect specific questions such as:

* What is your favourite advert at the moment?
* What is your favourite advert of all time?
* Why do you want to work for this agency?
* Where else have you applied?
* Who are Ogilvy's main/direct competitors?
* Why do you want to work in advertising?
* Have you read any books on advertising? (If you've read Ogilvy's, you're already doing well)
* What do you think makes a good advertising campaign?
* Do you know about an advertising campaign which has actually made a company worse off?

Also be prepared for competency questions (see, Competency based questions | WikiJob) and questions about your education, history, background, general CV and application. Watch out for:

* Situational questions during the interview, and;
* Questions to assess how switched on/assertive you are. 

For example, you might be asked to: “Think of a photo of a group of men in the 1930’s, 1940’s and even 1950’s. All the men are wearing hats. Imagine a group of men in the 1960’s. These men are not wearing hats. Why is this?”

Group Presentation: At some point during the day (morning or afternoon) you will be given a product and asked to come up with an advertising campaign for it. You will then have to present your ideas to the rest of the interviewees and about ten interviewers, all from different parts of the agency.

Specifically, you will be given a brief and then told to split into groups of about four people. You will then have four hours to come up with a way of relaunching the product and subsequently asked to give a fifteen minute presentation explaining it.

Personal Presentation: You will be required to give a five minute oral presentation, probably in the morning, as a way of introducing yourself to interviewers and other candidates. For this, you will be asked to bring an object which you feel represents you to the assessment day, and to talk about it for five minutes. This is a lot like “show and tell”, although you will need to be professional: confident, interesting and coherent, to really do well.

The interview is relaxed and not excessively pressured. You should bear in mind however, that you are at all times “on show” and even when talking and joking with your interviewers, they are still assessing you, and deciding wether or not you would make a good team fit.

If you have anything further to add to this thread, or others in Advertising - WikiJob Forums please do post. Good luck with your interviews and applications!


There is now a wiki profile for Ogilvy available here Ogilvy | WikiJob and an Ogilvy interview profile here Ogilvy Interview Questions | WikiJob - good luck to everyone interviewing at Ogilvy!


whats the answer? just out of curiosity… :slight_smile:

“Think of a photo of a group of men in the 1930’s, 1940’s and even 1950’s. All the men are wearing hats. Imagine a group of men in the 1960’s. These men are not wearing hats. Why is this?”