Offers from Pwc and EY


Hey All,

I have recently received an offer from both Pwc and EY for the school leaver programme but can’t decide which one to pick! Both were very friendly and welcoming and i liked both. The main difference is that EY does ACA and Pwc does ACCA qualifications

Any suggestions would be much appreciated

P.S I’m happy to help if theres any questions about the recruitment process :D…



Hey, congrats on your offer.

I’ve got a telephone interview with PwC on the 8th and AC with EY on thursday.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks and all the best.

P.s I would choose PwC since the ACCA course is said to be more flexible than ACA?


Congratulations on the offer.
1 point, I doubt the E&Y offer is for ACA if your straight from school as you need a degree for it. ACCA is the school leaver prgramme and both offer it.
Ive recently accepted a job from E&Y, turning down PWC, but make sure you do you research. To be honest though you can’t really go wrong with either.


Got an offer from EY for school leaver, but am not sure what qualification they do?




To be honest I’m not quite sure if they offer ACA. I was assuming this from what I’ve read from other threads. It doesn’t say on their website but they told me that information about what qualification I will be studying towards will be on my contract but I haven’t received it yet… Have you received yours??? Did u apply for London ??


Pwc is the leading company out of the big 4 ( I am at e and y). I would definitely choose them. E and y are a good company but if I had the choice it would be pwc


EY offer ACA and ACCA. But to do ACA you need a degree. The school leaver programme will be ACCA.


Yeah, I’ve applied to London office.
And same, I haven’t received my offer pack neither. I called them up and they’ve posted again.


hey qw21,

Why would you pick pwc? is it just because they are the biggest or are there any specific things you dont enjoy about EY…

I have talked to many people from pwc but not from EY
Can you share abit of your experience please…


hey i got a telephone interveiw at pwc for a school leaver tax nemt week. can you help me on what comes up in the interveiw?