Offers 2011

Lloyds Banking Group

First of all, I love this forum, I wouldn’t have got so far without some of the amazing bits of information here. I now however need some personal advice. To keep it short and simple, I have an offer from both the Lloyds Banking Group and Deloitte. I would prefer deloitte but the renumeration is vastly different, however I believe the long term prospects of gaining the ACA are extremely worthwhile. I would appreciate if anyone has anything to add on this dilemma.


I struggled with this issue too. I haven’t gotten any offers yet, but i am really hoping to land an accounting gig. The ACA is the major factor for me. I guess i could get a job in i-banking and such and study for the ACA on my own, but i like the fact that you are fully supported in a structured way when you got for the accounting firms.

Congratulations on the offer.


Hi All, I passed my telephone interview for EA Consulting yesterday. I have not yet received an invitation to first round face to face interview but would like to know what to expect from the 15mins case study so that I can prepare for it.

Congrats to those who have received their offer.


just out of interest when did you initially apply? (To thankful)