Offer received for EY School Leaver Programme 2015



Hello guys!

Very recently I have secured a place for EY School Leaver Scheme 2015 - London Assurance. I would like to share a bit of my knowledge and experience about the recruitment process which some of you guys will hopefully find quite handy.

So here we go:
Stage 1: Application

Just a standard application, fill in your A levels and predicted grades etc. Note that the form is very ‘Americanised’ and if you are unsure how to complete it, call EY. Make the application look professional.

Stage 2: Strenghts assessment
To be honest I think this is very straight forward. It’s similar to SJT but different in it’s own way. I don’t remember the questions asked to be honest but believe me, nothing to worry about on this stage.

Stage 3: Psychometric Tests
You will have 3 sets of 6 questions here. The first set is Verbal Reasoning, the second is Numerical Reasoning, third is Diagrammatic. You are given a time limit of 8 minutes per set.

Tips: 1. PREPARE! I used to prepare for these tests. It’s quite cheap with plenty of tests so you’ll have a lot of preparation. On the assessmentday website, the numerical and diagrammatic reasoning tests are harder than in the actual tests for EY. Verbal is a bit different than normally. Use ‘Verbal Comprehension’ exercises on assessmentday to prepare for the EY verbal test as well as Verbal Reasoning.
2. Don’t waste time. If you find it impossible to figure out the answer, take an educated guess and proceed to jext question! DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING BLANK! It’s better to guess than skip a question.

Note: The body that makes the EY Psychometric Tests is “Saville Consulting”. Do a bit of research on their tests.

Stage 4: First stage interview

My interview lasted about 45 minutes. It was actually quite enjoyable and relaxing. There were 17 question overall. The questions that I remember being asked were:

  1. Why audit?
  2. What is audit?
  3. Why EY?
  4. How do you see yourself progressing within the firm?
  5. Do you enjoy working in teams?
  6. How do you approach problem solving?
  7. How do you make sure people believe in your skills?
  8. Give an example where you used something you’ve previously learnt in order to solve a recent problem.
  9. How important are challenges to you?
  10. How do you manage your time effectively?
  11. When was the last time you took accountibility for something?

Tips: 1. PREPARE (obviously). Use STAR matrix to help you (Scene, Task, Action, Result). Dont rely on preparation too much though as everyone is asked different questions.
2. I know it’s easy to say but RELAX. Don’t be stressed and be yourself. Take deep breaths, count to 10, whatever floats your boat. Stay calm and be positive and confident.
3. Make sure you understand the strenghts that EY look for. This will help you answer your interview questions, believe me.

Stage 5: Assessment Centre

  1. Group Exercise
    You are given information about renewable energy companies and as a group you have to decide which one you’ll invest in. This is straight forward trust me. This last 40 minutes in total - 15 minutes reading time, 20 minutes discussion and 5 minutes questions from assessors.

Tips: be enthusiastic and positive. Address people by name, help the discussion move along, ask people for their opinions, apologise if you interrupt, be an active listener, encourage quiet members of the team to get involved etc.

  1. Written Report
    This has 2 parts and you’ll have 40 minutes to complete it.

Write a summary for the customer. You are provided with a lot of information so you need to leave the unrelevant bits out.
The customer wants to know:
The sales and profit trends and possible reasons for those trends.
How does the companies actions comply with government objectives.

Tips: manage your time effectively. Do calculation of % sales increase to show your analytical mind.

Part 2 - write an email to your manager explaining how would you lead a team to complete a project. Also it ask you to say what you think you’ll learn from this experience and how you’ll make sure that your colleagues will develop their skills and grow.

This is relatively straight forward. Just say how you would set deadlines, monitor the work in progress, motivate the team etc.

  1. Psychometric Tests
    Harder than the online ones. You niw have to complete 3 sets of 8 questions with time limit of 6 minutes for each set. This is also done on paper this time.

  2. Partner Interview
    Very enjoyable interview with a very nice partner. I’ve been asked self-awareness questions and motivational questions mostly. It is much easier than first interview in my opinion so do not worry about it.

I wish to take this opportunity to wish you all good luck!

If you have a question, leave comment and I’ll try to get back to you ASAP.



I cannot thank you enough for your post, I had so much questions and worries, but your post wiped away most of my anxiety.

I just wanted to ask you how long did it take of you to get a response regarding the outcome of your 1st stage interview and how soon was your Assessment centre booked?

I have also applied to assurance in London so hopefully I see you in person if I get the job!
Congratulations on your new job!



First of all, thank you. I created this post because I wanted to share information that I couldn’t find myself during the recruitment process.

It took 2 days to get outcome of the first stage interview.

I booked my assessment centre the day after I received my first interview outcome.


Hi I am also going through EY’s recruitment process . I got a phone call two days after I applied to book my first interview. I have already attended this (exactly one week after applying). I received a phone call from the manager that interviewed me the day after to say I was successful. Someone form hr then rang me the day after to invite me to their assessment centre (exactly one week after my first interview. So I guess their process is going fairly quickly compared to others. I was successful at PwC’s assessment centre over a month ago and still waiting for a partner interview .


Hey thank you so much for your post. I got an offer for Assurance London as well.


hello, could you please tell me what is the format of diagrammatic reasoning to prepare for the Ac? There are so many different formats available on internet which one suits best?


Anyone starting in London assurance 2015 add me as a connection.


The diagrammatic reasoning tests that EY use are the ones with inputs, operators and outputs.


Hi I just completed my AS levels. Is it best to apply now?


How long did the process take would you say from start to finish?


Hi, I have applied for Assurance at EY for 2017 and have my assessment centre in 3 days. In the email provided it says
"After the Assessment Centre

Depending on how you perform during the Assessment Centre you may be invited to a Strengths Interview with one of the Partners or Directors from the office to which you are applying. This will be arranged with you following the Assessment Centre."

Does this relate to the partner interview that you had or is does this mean there will be 2 interviews


If you pass the AC then another interview will be arranged at a later date.


Hi all, does anyone know anything about the partner interview or had any previous experience with it? If you could share some experience with me to calm the nerves that would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks all :slight_smile: