Offer: PwC Assurance April 2014


Hi all,

I would like to ask everyone who has an offer and will start in April 2014 to leave your “fingerprint” here. Maybe we can set up a Group in Facebook or join each other’s linked in sort of thing.

I got an offer on 20 November, the next day after taking my partner interview… mainly beacause my interview was interrupted for more than 3 times. The partner might feel guilty…

The entire process took my about 4 months. I had my Assessment Center on 2 Oct and Partner Interview 19 Nov.

Hopefully, I will see you guys in April.




Hi Steven,

Congrats on the offer, I got my offer on the 26th one day after my partner interview. I’ll also be starting in April 2014, London. AC was the 19th September.

What sector were you thinking of doing. In my interview I said LMT, but my partner called me up today to try and convince me to do B&CM, which I think I will do now.



Hi bromulus,

Congrats on your offer. The partner did not ask me the question. When did you accept your offer? I just accepted this week, waiting for the screening team to call me.

I am thinking about LTT. A bit more work life balance.


Hi Steven,

Did you have your AC on 2nd Oct at the Riverside office? I was there on the same day. Heard back from them the day after but have been waiting for an interview ever since - don’t even have a date yet!



Hi Sri,

Are you from India? I remembered you. I think you d better give them a ring.



Hi Steven and Ben,

Congrats on your offers!! I accepted mine last week but haven’t heard anything from the screening team yet! have you guys?


Guess we need to be patient for 2-3weeks. I accepted the offer last week and chased them since then. They told me my screening checks just commenced and will let me know later.


Hi All (again),

I have yet to accept the offer as I’m currently waiting back from the HR about potential Conflicts of Interest (as I’m currently running to also become a councillor) that I saw in the Employment manual. Should hear back within the week and then will be accepting in either case and stop running for council if I have to.

Regarding the screening, no news is good news as far as I’m concerned. Does anyone know If they require the A-Level certificates or if they are happy to take a statement of results as proof(the on the day results sheet), as I have the results but can’t seem to find the certificates (otherwise I’ll have to order new certificates) .



Hi guys, I got an offer last Friday for Assurance April 2014, but for Reading office. I am going to accept the offer today.

I read about this thread before my partner interview and I actually asked do I get to choose the client sector if I were to join, the partner said no… lol so I’ve no idea what you guys are talking about.

Have any of you guys finished the pre-employment screening yet? Normally how long does it take?

Many thanks.



Hi, have you made a facebook group yet?


Hey guys,
I’ll be joining Manchester’s assurance department in September so not the same batch as you guys but still PwC and we might come across each other in some trainings may be! (long shot!!!)
I wanted to know if you guys have heard from the screening department. I had the job offer on 6th Dec and till now nothing… absolutely nothing.
I see that No news is Good news but it will be nice to know when you guys heard back from PwC.


I was only contacted once about high school. Has anyone finished the screening?



First of all Massive congratulations to all those who got offered a job at pwc. I got my offer in august and was contacted by the pre screening team twice or thrice for some more information. After that theres complete silence. Anyone heard about the start dates etc??


Hi MI89, what did they contact you for?

So far PwC still havent contacted the referee I gave in the application form yet.


I’m not starting until September, but I’ve also heard nothing.

I accepted my offer at the beginning of November and not a peep since then – I don’t think they’ve even contacted my referee (though I don’t know for certain). I even rang them up a week or two ago to check everything was ok, and they just said “the screening is not yet complete”. Gah!


I suppose they are pretty busy with the screening process for the April intake now and they’ll do that for the September Intake after they’re done with this intake.

Sometimes it takes them more than two months to complete the screening for one person (I’m one of them as my high school’s in China and there’s a big language barrier). Generally no news is good news…


@okigen they asked for some more information regarding my A-levels and since then theres no news. I called my previous employer and he goes he did get an email for a reference from pwc. So i guess they are still doing the checks etc.


I have completed my pre screening in early January and will start working for them in April. My experience for April intake is that if you have not heard from PwC for more than 4 weeks since accepting your offer, it is higlhly likely that your pre screening is completed and passed. Otherwise they will give you a buzz.

For Kellysu, I have the same story, they asked me to help verify my China’s Entrance Exam which took me a whole night, basically because of the time difference.


Hi guys am preparing to take my online test any advice on how u passed


Hi guys am preparing to take my online test any advice on how u passed