Offer from Deloite for Audit 2016 Graduate Scheme



Hey everyone, I have been offered a position on the 2016 Audit Graduate Programme at Deloitte. I know there’s at least one other person who has received an offer from Deloitte, however I thought I would post because everyone’s experiences are different, and I had a fantastic experience applying to them so I’m happy to talk about it and answer any questions!

I come from a non-accountancy degree background (arts in fact), and had not done an internship with them previously. Feel free to ask any questions!


Hi! I have just had the invitation for the numerical tests, but I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on the interview process/ some of the questions you were asked in your first interview? I come from an arts background too! Would really appreciate some advice :slight_smile: Thank you!


Sure - there’s two interviews. A first round interview which is with a senior manager, and a second round interview with a partner. For the first interview, you spend 30 minutes doing a case study, which is a report on a company. You write down key bits of information and then you spend the first part of the interview (about 15-20 mins) ‘role playing’ and talking about the case study, suggesting what you think the company should do. The manager interviewing me (who was lovely!) introduced herself and explained her background. It ended up being a bit more of a chat than a real interview, but it’s still competency based and is around a project that you have to think of and talk through in reasonably great detail. I think I used a fundraising project I did for an internship. I was then asked questions about it - what did I learn from it, what would I have done differently. They’re basically looking for you to demonstrate their key values through your example. It wasn’t just firing competency questions ‘tell me about a time…’. There was some discussion with our conversation about key things in news regarding Deloitte (eg they had just announced gender pay gap), but there weren’t any direct questions relating to commercial awareness. I was also asked the usual why audit, why Deloitte. I would double check other people’s experiences but mine was a really relaxed interview, more of a conversation and so enjoyable. Make sure you think about your project and I would recommend trying to relate it to their values. And don’t worry about an arts degree - I didn’t feel mine held me back at all! The only other thing I’d say is go to as many careers events as possible so you can talk to the people who work there and find out what they do on a day to day basis and what their own experiences of Deloitte are. Good luck! :slight_smile:



I was wondering If you can talk about the type of case study it is? And what is required of you

Many Thanks for taking the time to answer questions


Firstly congratulations on the offer! I was wondering whether you used a handout in the partner interview? And how close to 5 mins did you keep it? Also, was your partner quite relaxed and just chat or did they use a lot of questions from the guide / book? Thanks in advance


Hi aeip, firstly congratulations on passing through the all the stages, must be such a relief! I also have a partner interview on Friday (applied for audit in london), and my topic is regarding mandatory rotation. How did you find the presentation overall? Were the probing questions tough/technical? Also, how long did it take for you to find out? I annoyingly have it on Friday so earliest I will probably find out will be on Monday! Congratulations once again


Thank you! I did use a handout, but it was a very brief page of bullet points summarising what I was saying. The partner used it to write notes on as I spoke so that he could bring them up in the discussion. I did not want to make the handout too thorough as I did not want any distractions from what I was saying. To be honest, there is no clock in the room and we went straight into a discussion after so I’m not sure how long it took, but I would say I was under the 5 minute mark as I spoke a bit quicker than I had practiced at. It was relaxed - he had questions to ask but brought them into the conversation as they went rather than one after the other. Let me know if there’s anything else you want to ask!


Thank you - and yes, it is! My topic was also the mandatory rotation, I found the presentation experience was actually a minor part of the interview, in that it was over so quickly. My presentation was more of a springboard into the later discussion, but the partner interviewing me was great and responded as I spoke rather than sitting their in silence, which made it feel more comfortable and relaxed. There were a lot of questions regarding the rotation - my advise would be read as much as you can around the topic. As firms have started retendering their audits, the rotation is already impacting Deloitte (and the other firms), so it’s a very current topic, and one that I imagine any audit partner will have a lot to say, and a lot to ask you on! There’s absolutely loads in the news, so look at the key discussions going on (FT, AccountancyAge etc), and where you don’t have time to mention them in your presentation, keep them in your mind in case they come up in discussion! There were a few technical questions regarding my actual knowledge of what happens in an audit, but he later mentioned that it was more to see how I approached the question and how my mind works. He also gave me some hints as I was working out the answer to help me. I found out very quickly, but I think it depends on whether the partner needs to go away and consider the interview. I had my interview on Friday and I accepted my offer today, so it can be a very quick process. Good luck - I had a great interview and everyone at the firm is so lovely, you will relax and stop feeling nervous as soon as you walk in and start talking to people :slight_smile:


I had my first interview back in August, so it’s a bit hazy now but I’ll try and answer. I’m not sure how much detail I can go into in case they use the same case study, however, it’s on a company who are planning some big changes, and essentially given their history, balance sheet (which is very basic so don’t worry!) and some other external factors, you need to advise/give your opinion on these big changes. You get asked about your decisions, why you made them, what impacted them etc. You also can only take whatever notes you make into your discussion with the manager, not the material for the case study, so make sure you identify and note key figures, data, facts etc.


Ah that is good to hear. It is reassuring that you seem to have a good time, it seems to be a bit of a trend which is great! Thanks for the tips regarding the handout, I plan on doing something similar. Congrats again. I can’t wait for it to be over, one way or the other. Must be such a relief!


Thank you so much for your response!


Hi, first of all congrats on the offer! :slight_smile:
I have my first round interview coming up and I’m worried about the case study part. Do you mind sharing your experience regarding the case study? What was it about and how did you prepare for it? I come from a non-accounting background as well so I’m very worried about this part.
Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


Thank you! The case study is on a company that has a few key objectives it’s considering. Based on its history, a simple balance sheet, some other information about the company, and some news in the press, you have to consider these objectives and give your opinions on them. It’s pretty simple, just requires some common sense and identifying the key information from what you have been given. You get given around 10/15 minutes (although it could be more) to write down key information, and then that is all you can take into a discussion with the manager. I would read through some examples online if you can so you can get an idea of what kind of information you’re looking for, I think I used the case study section on jobtestprep! You then discuss it with the manager for 20/30 minutes, then have a normal interview which is kind of competency based. You don’t need any knowledge you wouldn’t have picked up in day-to-day life so don’t worry about not coming from an accounting background, but if you haven’t already get yourself acquainted with a basic balance sheet (I believe it was literally five lines - not even a full balance sheet)


PM’d you, thanks!


Congrats on offer, I’ve got my partner interview next week and presentation topic is audit rotation, just wondering what you used mainly as research, and how much your focus was on impact on deloitte specifically, or more general?


I used financial times, accountancyage and google news to find opinions and information on rotation. Google news I just typed in search terms and limited articles to from UK and in last two years. I focused just on Deloitte, more general impacts came in later when we were discussing it afterwards :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help!! :slight_smile:


is anyone else still waiting for a partner interview to be scheduled? im applying to the london office for audit


Hi there :slight_smile: got an offer as well, could you tell me what is the post offer process please and when can I find out my salary?


How long did it take for them to contact you with your offer after your partner interview?