Offer for KPMG Audit/Public Sector Audit 2014/15



Hi everyone

I know there are other similar threads out there, but as someone who has just received an offer I can hopefully answer questions for anyone else who is currently going through the application process, while it’s still fresh in my mind.

It’s been a challenging but valuable experience for me, and I’m not sure I’d have been successful without the forum here at Wikijobs.

Let me know if you have any questions. I’ll do my best to help.



How did you find the AC? Was the format the same as previous posts have explained or is there anything different to be wary of? Got mine coming up soon, congrats on the job offer by the way :slight_smile:


Hi there. The AC was definitely the most challenging part of the process. Everything said before on here is still applicable. There are a couple of tips I can give if it helps:

  1. During the report section (where you weight up the strengths and weaknesses of an imaginary energy company) make sure to focus on the reccommendations. You should come up with a number of inventive suggestions for what the business could do going forward. You need to do really well on this particular bit to pass the day; my HR contact told me that this tests the competency “makes an impact” and a poor show here will see you fail the whole day.

  2. For the role playing section, make sure to stay calm and professional. During the client meeting, make sure to lead the discussion and watch the time as you will need to end the meeting after 15 mins and will be expected to take the lead. The diet thing is to reassure the client, but also to explore options for selling in other services, such as IT systems. For the manager meeting, make sure you have thought of good examples of how you and your company can provide excellent customer service.

  3. For the in tray exercise make sure to stay calm and read messages as they come in. There is a good amount of time for this task, but there are a couple of tasks that arrive during the in tray that require reresponses urgently and you will be penalised if you miss their individual time limits.

  4. Make sure you use the self reflection forms after each task to describe how you could have improved your performance if given the opportunity to repeat the task. This covers the competency regarding seeking to constantly develop/improve yourself, and these forms are all marked and used when determining whether you pass the day.

  5. There was talk of other people having to resit some of the psychometric tests at the AC, but I did not have to do this. My AC was the Canary Wharf office and my partner interview was not held on the same day.

Hope that helps, and good luck with the AC.


Well done on receiving an offer!


Thanks Sam, I’m really looking forward to starting!


One thing I thought might be helpful, as I see it come up a lot elsewhere, is to go through the timeline for my application. I submitted my online application mid September and was invited to take the situational judgement test the same day. I did the test immediately and on the same day was invited to take the psychometric tests. I also sat these on the same day and received an email saying I would hear back within one week. In fact, I was told I was successful the next day and was invited to book a telephone interview the day after that. I booked the closest slot available, which was in four days time.

After the telephone interview I waited three days and hadn’t heard anything back, so I emailed my HR contact who was very friendly and informed me I had passed the interview, and that they were waiting for the next available assessment center slot for me. A slot eventually came up and I attended the AC roughly three weeks after the phone interview. Within 24 hours I was informed I had been successful, and attended the final partner interview five days later. On the day of the interview I received a call from my HR contact offering me the job.

Overall, the whole process took just a little over one month from start to finish.


The Scientist,

Just wanted to say a big thanks for your help, I’m now through to the final interview stage and looking forward to seeing the office where I’ll be based! The AC a challenging day, but your advice really helped so thanks a lot. How was your experience of the final interview and is there anything in particular I should prepare for?

Thanks in advance, I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:


Hi and congratulations!

I actually really enjoyed my final partner interview. The partner I interviewed with was very relaxed and made me feel very comfortable. We had a pretty informal chat, but there were some specific questions he asked. If I remember rightly, they are testing 3 key things at this stage, which cover your knowledge of the business world/opportunities, your career motivation/ knowledge of the job, and “makes an impact”. The last one is pretty simple in that it’s about how you come across in the interview. Are you confident and relaxed? Are your answers clear and succinct? Are you answering the questions being asked or going off on a tangent? This kind of thing. I’m sure at this stage this won’t be an issue for you, as you have shown you have these sorts of qualities at the AC, particularly with the client and manager meetings.

For me, the “awareness of/seizes business opportunities” strength was covered by the partner asking me about a business I thought was currently facing a tough time. I used Tesco, and gave a few examples of where I thought things were going wrong. He pushed me on this to suggest ways in which I thought they could turn things around.

For the career motivation/awareness strength, I was asked what I thought I would be doing on a day-to-day basis, and why audit was important for a company. I was also asked why I wanted to work in assurance, why KPMG, and which other firms I had applied to.

I was also presented 2 scenarios. The first was about a presentation I would have to give with a couple of other more senior trainees to attract new business from a client. I was asked what I would include in the presentation and how I would approach it. The second was about a colleague who was being given high levels of responsibility and good opportunities compared to me. I was asked how I would feel in this situation and how would I respond. I guess these scenarios could conceivably cover all three of the strengths they are looking for, but again, you clearly have the right skills to approach these scenarios in a way KPMG would approve of, or you wouldn’t be at this stage, so try not to worry!

Overall, the interview lasted about one hour and seemed heavily geared towards giving me a better understanding of the company and the role. It was definitely the most enjoyable part of the process, and was the key step in convincing me that KPMG was the right company for me. The partner explained his career path and described some of the clients I might interact with. In that sense it was a great help. There was also an opportunity to ask questions at the end, which I took full advantage of. I think it all lasted roughly an hour or so, and I heard back on the same day that I had been successful.

Hope all that helps, and very best of luck!


The Scientist,

Just wanted to thank you once again on your help and advice. I’ve been offered the position and will be starting next week so really happy! I’ll be posting my experience on here soon to help out others as I found your advice really useful!



Fantastic news and glad I could help! I too am starting next week so maybe I’ll see you at the induction? Really pleased for you.

All the best.


Well done guys. You should be meeting my colleague Mathew Fowler at your induction in Reading on Tuesday. I would be there myself but I’m heading up to Scotland to help out with an assessment centre!



Could you please share your experience about the phone interview? I applied really late and am still in the phone interview stage.

Thanks a lot!!!