Offer after Assessment at PwC


Hey guys

Has anyone had an assessment day at PwC recently?

I was wondering if you guys could share some insight as to how long they took to get back to you?

Is the general rule that a reply within 1 working day a yes, and after that it must be a no?


They normally say at the AC when you should expect to hear back from them. I think I heard back the following day, or maybe 2 days after. I wouldn’t jump to any conclusions just because you havn’t heard back within 24 hours though.


I can’t speak for PWC specifically but it is a general rule of thumb that the quicker they get back to you the more likely an offer is to be made. As soon as a decision is made HR want to tie you up as quickly as possible.

However waiting a week does not necessarily mean you wont get an offer, it can depend on what work etc HR have going on. Generally people who get offers the following day have performed extremely well during the final AC to the point that all assessors for each component think you are a suitable candidate, and the advice from each is to offer. If you have done well in some assessments but not so well in others then there may be a meeting to discuss your performance where they effectively ‘argue’ as to whether to give you a job or not. This can take a while as there will be a number of candidates who will likely fall into this category, thats why it could take a week to inform you of their decision.

PWC might however inform all those people from an AC/interview day at the same time - many law firms do this. So they will wait till all decisions are made before informing those successful ones.

Do not give up hope! If they do reject you, definately ask as to feedback as to why they rejected you and you could always try responding that you take on board their opinion but that you really want the job, is there no way you could attend another AC to show them you are a competent and capable candidate. If they did make a ‘tough’ decision on you there might be a chance that they will allow this. I know one person who managed to do this with a medium sized accounting firm, and managed to get himself a a position after a further interview.

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Thank you…

I got a call today as it goes, took 3 days but lilshorty you were very right, the reason they took a while was becuase the everything apart from one part went well so they had to discuss options.



Congratulations! :slight_smile:

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You didn’t say, but presume you got the job offer?


hmmm well they said they want to offer me the job but I have to do one test again, so not just yet im afraid!


Is this for audit or another dept?
Well, good luck. You’re nearly there. Stay positive.


hi there patsy,
i hav also jus done an assessment centre at pwc and quite waiting for the results wiht delays.

do u hav any idea how much they require for the numerical/ diagrammtic…
i did around 15 out of the 20. quite tensed whether i would clear their cutoff



tutor- it was for audit, ive brought revision packs and so hopefully that will be fine

Thomas- 15 out of 20 in my opinion would be sufficient if they are all correct…i will send you a PM with my feedback in, to give you an idea

The thing I found most difficult was that there was a different graph per question…I am not sure whether a better approach would be to do all the same graph questions first then the next, or would that require too much flicking through the book…any tips?


thomas, i also answered 15/20 and got 13 correct. I was told this landed me in the 66th percentile. I would think 12/20 is enough to clear their cutoff.


Just to add - I only managed to complete 11/20 ( I think I got them all right though) and I made it through. Although with the online version I think I did about 16 and I was confident with all the answers. I would think they would take both into account when making a decision.


i’ve got through the telephone interview now and have the AC coming up. as you all seem to have done it could you give me any advice as to what might come up, and what you felt was the most difficult. thanks


hey has any1 done an assessment day this year with PwC? (autumn 2011 intake)…