off-cycle internships



Was just wondering really who can actually apply for off-cycle internships at investment banks only preultimate students or also graduates ?


It depends on the firm. Some are more strict than others when it comes to this. Some take only penultimate year students, some will also take third year students if doing an MA/MSc and some will consider applications from graduates. You have to call and find out the rules for each firm.

However, the DIUS [[national internship scheme]] might result in more internships being provided solely for graduates. If you do call firms, it’s worth bringing this up!


I’m not sure if it will help, but almost all of French students who are taken for an off cycle internship, in London or elsewhere, are final year students who are doing a Master.
As I said, it may not help you because it’s not the same system in the UK.

Look at SocGen and BNP Paribas, they offer off cycle internships lasting 6 months at least. For UK / US banks I don’t know how it works for off cycle.

I hope it will help a little bit. Good luck :wink:


Yeha i seen a couple of firm off-cycle internships but i proably have to call them and ask about their rules i guess.



After reading the posts, do know which allow you yo do off-cycle internships in investment banking?

If you coukd let me know id be great full.



If I apply for an off cycle internship starting 1st September, will this harm my chances of getting a graduate role in 2010 as I will be applying for full-time jobs during my Masters program?