Ofcom Assessment Centre


Just finished my Online Logic test for Ofcom and waiting for the outcome. I has been told they will inform the candidates that passed this stage in next week. Is there anyone who in the same stage as me? let chat !! :slight_smile:


what did you apply for? I just submitted my application for economist a week or so ago and still haven’t heard back!




Hey I’ve done the test as well! There’s an essay stage before the AC though. We will know by the end of next week!


Any feedback from them?


Not yet! They said second half of this week


Has anyone heard back?


no… still waiting …


got my essay!!!anyone?


Yup same


what’s ur path way




I’m tech,


Anyone heard back after the essay?


Nothing yet, have more patience


Because I think you get notified only if you’re successful… They said they were gonna notify by today


Ummmm, they will tell you the outcome, successful or not


Marking essays takes some time but we hope to be able to confirm whether you will be invited to assessment centre by Friday 4 March.

is there anybody hear from them?


I’ve got an assessment centre for the Economist Route on the 18th. Anyone else attending on this date?


Invited for the 18th March assessment centre