Ocado Assessment centre for software developers 2012


Hi there!

Anyone ever attended the assessment centre at Ocado for software developers before? I’ve got one by the end of the week, and would like to have a better idea of what to expect. Thank in advance.


I’ve got an assessment centre at Ocado soon too and I’d really like to know what to expect.


Hi there.

I’ve been to the assessment. It’s in two sessions. The morning session consists of a programming test in Java. Task is to fill in the gaps for a linked list code. Then an aptitude/logical reasoning test requiring you to fill in the gaps to define functions, and also make functions out of pre-existing functions. Afterwards there is a presentation on the company, while the tests are marked. Those successful in the tests then move on to the afternoon session, which consists of a tour of the hi-tech distribution centre and interviews.

Good luck, and let’s know how it goes.


I got an assessment at Ocado this friday, Can you please tell me, how can I prepare for it?


thanks dynasty05! I’m yet to go for my assessment centre but its for operations management so I’m really hoping I won’t be required to do that Java bit coz I would have no clue. I’ll let you know how it goes.


I have mine tomorrow so will try to rmbr to post on here about it tmrw nite!


Hi guys,

how was the assessment centre, for those who weren’t there for Software development roles. What kind of tasks did you have to complete?

Has anyone heard it they’ve been successful yet?




I applied for software Development in May 27, 2012. From the chat I heard you will be asked to program in Java? I can’t program in Java what will be my fate?