OC&C Strategy Consultants


Has anybody been invited to a first round interview with these guys after taking the SHL tests and case study???


I haven’t taken the tests yet.

What was the online case study test like? How did you find it?


I sat the tests but haven’t heard anything as of yet, you?


hey, i was wondering if you could shed some light on the case study test. Thanks in advance


Hey guys, I recieved an email from OC&C inviting me to their tests. The tests are as follows:

  1. Case study test - Testing Commercial, Teamwork and Quantitative skills
  2. SHL Numerical and Verbal reasoning test (45 mins long)

Does anyone have any tips for these tests? In particular the case study? I havenever done a case study online so I have no idea how it works.

ANY help would be much appreciated! Thanks!!


Could anybody provide any insight on the interviews at OC&C? Thanks.


Hey there ! Had you taken the OC&C case study a couple of years ago? what did it consist of?


@krr can you please give me some info on the online case study given you did it last year? many thanks