What a result. I’m still in shock. I didn’t realise that times had changed so much, that an African-American man could be elected to lead the worlds leading superpower. It’s restored my faith in the judgement of the US people.

What are peoples views? What now for the economy?


It’s incredible. While I imagine changes in the economy will be unlikely to occur due to Obama, there’s a very optimistic rise on all the world’s exchanges this morning, toasting his victory.

I’ve stayed up all night and watched it, and I must say that I was glad to see it all. It was absolutely historic!

In truth, I hope that it makes the world a safer place for the next four years. Furthermore, I am certain that Gordon Brown and Obama will see eye to eye and will be a formidable force working together.

Who knows. Maybe world peace is a possibility one day.


It is with great pleasure that I embed the following video.

==Obama Acceptance Speech==



I echo your sentiment. I hope some stability comes to the troubles around the world. I don’t want to sound idealistic, but it does feel that things could change for the better.

The atmosphere in that video is electrifying!