O2 Finance Graduate Scheme


Anyone got update on O2 Finance Graduate Scheme? Applied about a month ago, no feedback. Kindly share your update or info if you’ve got any.


I applied and got asked to fill in an even longer application form about three weeks after initially applying via that awkward 02 portal.
I’ve not heard anything back from them regarding online tests or rejections.

I’ve heard their Assessment Day is 22nd February, and the online stage is the stage before the AS.

When did you apply? Have you been asked to fill in that extended application form?


Hi Knowslian,

Are u the same Knowslian in the student room? I ve being reading the postings there. I was invited to fill the extended application form after the initial questionaire and I completed it on the 21st of december. I am yet to be invited to take the online assessment. I sent them an email about 2 weeks ago, they replied saying my application is being considered. I know AC is less than a month away and wish to know my fate instead of being kept in this undue suspense.


lol, it is indeed me from The Student Room :wink: This is the second time I’ve met another ‘person’ from TSR on the wikijob forums.

Don’t know if you read the thread over on TSR, but someone has done the online test. So o2 certainly have started the online test stage. Alas, we haven’t been rejected so no news is good news.

Agreed though, they could be a bit more responsive towards the status of applications!


Nice to know u re the same person. I sure read the thread on TSR. Do hope they let us know the status of our application in good time.


Rejected. Be nice to know why…


Hi Knowslian,

Do u mean u were rejected? When did u get this news? Did u receive an email or u checked ur profile and found the status changed. I know how u feel but would u be kind to give me details?

I applied for this same scheme April last year and was outrightly rejected with no explanations.

Best wishes in ur other applications



Yeah, I was rejected from the o2 Finance Scheme. I got an email today saying the usual “thanks for applying but we had a lot of high quality applicants this year. After carefully considering your application you are rejected.”

Have you been invited to their online tests yet? You said you applied last year? When did you graduate? I assume you didn’t get onto a graduate last year?



Hi Graham,

I am yet to be invited to the online assessments though I sent them an email (the 2nd since my application) and I am yet to read from them.
Yes I applied for the same scheme last year April when the the recruitment was run by WCN and got the same “lie” response like u did, so I didnt get into a grad scheme last year though I graduated in December.

Thanks so much for ur feedback, wish u the best in ur other applications.


Well hopefully they’ll be get back to you soon with an online test invite!

Goodluck to you!



I do hope I get invited. Thanks Graham and do take care.


Hi Graham,

Just to let u know I got rejected too.


Bad Luck mate.

I find it highly irratating applying to schemes that “only” require a 2.1 or 2.2 (I have 1st) only to be rejected with no reason why. Ludicrous!

Best of luck with your other applications!


I feel these guys are highly deceitful and untrustworthy. You wont be surprised they ve already gotten their ‘own’ candidates. The advertised scheme is to fool the govt and public that they are public focused companies whereas the truth is far from it.

Thanks all the same


I think you got the nail right on the head there.

“Equal opportunities employer” my ass lol.


lol, yeah right!!!


As some of you know I took that online test and it was a nightmare. It was honestly the most impossible thing to pass. Four separate tests and the logical reasoning was impossible.

o2 are a very dodgy company for a start they barely advertised this position. I only found it via milkround then that online portal thing would have put anyone off as it was so confusing. The fact they were only doing one AC says it all really.

I think you have to be in with the company to get a position.

I guess I should just be glad I got through to the tests but I feel it was a waste of my time.


“I think you have to be in with the company to get a position.”

I think this is the case for most large companies; it’s a complete joke.

Well goodluck with their assessment centre!


Hi guys,

I know exactly what you mean and feel. The ironic thing is I applied internally as i already work in retail and got rejected which i could understand to an extent , graduated with 1st and may have rushed it as it was the last day but i did not get any feedback - how awful is that? I even emailed the person and left a message they responded with i will call you…nothing that day.

G-Host you hit the nail on the head!! Despite the recession they were one of many companies going from strength to strength selling countless contracts, insurance and accessories…and only one vacancy? tut tut share some love and wealth by advertising a little more than one dont they read the news of unemployment figures on the rise due to recession and the amount of graduates applying for one vacancy. Read in the times a few months ago like 300,000 grads company looking for 10 grads thats 30,000 people for one vacancy out of 10 plus the competition from unemployed including talented guys from big firms who got laid off!!!

Take care all the best


@mo s

Yeah mate it is just far too competitive for any “graduate” level job. It is shocking when you consider all the graduate fallouts (from years past) who were also unsuccessful in their job hunt. Like you mentioned; combined with the new set of graduates and experienced applicants, it’s madness.

When (that’s a laugh) I get to an interview I just think how many other glittering CVs for comparison they must get for that one position.

In all honesty employees at the moment can be even more picky than years ago. One of the reasons why most professional type jobs are taken up by applicants from “top 5” universities. Lesser known university graduates are starting an up-hill battle as soon as they leave.

I wish that I somehow completed my degree a few years earlier rather than in this mess of an economy.