Numerical reasoning tests


Hey. I’m having a real problem with these damnable numerical reasoning tests. I’m finding it frustrating because generally the questions are so involved and complicated it takes me more than a minute to understand what’s being asked, let alone work out the answer! Most of the tests have such tight time limits I can only get about halfway through.

Is it expected that you are able to answer all questions within the time limit? I have to say this is making me feel like a moron because I’m not daft, I’m educated to PhD. level and the questions are straightforward without time pressure, but I’m just finding the time limit far too short for me.


P.S. - my apologies, I just realised there is a separate section for discussion of the aptitude tests, d’oh :smiley:


The more questions you answer the better you do… some tests are harder than others and you will find that most candidates are unable to finish every test… I recommend practice. The more tests you do, the quicker you will get. Have you seen the WikiJob tests? - [[Aptitude Tests]].


Hey, thanks for the reply.

If most people are struggling to finish them then that’s good enough for me. They are a very frustrating test, I find. Nothing worse than watching the clock in the corner tick down! More practice it is then… :smiley:


Accuracy over quantity, shl online ones are quite basic and with practice you get alot quicker plus the same q’s come up after a while, practice how to increase/decrease percentages and able spot what info u must extract from the tables, working this out quickly is key. Also aim for about 60% correct so 12/13 out of 20 and u should be fine.