Numerical Reasoning Free/Great Value Help


Hello guys,

Like many people of the forums I have been struggling with numerical reasoning for a ridiculous amount of time ! I have bought books and done online practice tests but I am still not achieving the necessary percentiles. Does anyone have any recommendations on specific sites, books and practice tests to complete to really see some solid results. For example I have seen people recommend graduate monkey however in order to get the material there is a £30 charge and honestly speaking I would rather not invest in this without having any sort of confirmation that it is worth the money.

Thanks for your help


I just saw your note. I have tried Graduatemonkey. It is a weird name but their material is pretty good if you are taking an SHL or Kenexa numerical reasoning test. They seem to offer full service pack: ebook, videos and practice tests. I passed couple of my tests recently using their prep packs. One piece of advice: Don’t use books cause their outdated. Online packs like graduatemonkey get updated more frequently. If you think it is expensive why don’t you share the access with a friend who also needs num tut pack? On the downside you have to be online to be able to use any of their material which I don’t see to be a problem for our generation :slight_smile:


try their Free Stuff section first to see if you like graduatemonkey test prep materiel on their webpage. they also have a youtube channel called graduatemonkey where they post free tutorial videos. I hope it is useful.


how about is it a good source to learn from? I think Wikijob advertises them all new words seem to have been tagged with their link (even the graduatemonkey text).


Hi guys, I am new to thse aptitude test stuff. What are the key consideration criteria when purchasing a test prep pack/subscription? They all seem to offer the same thing to me. is graduatemonkey better or worse than jobtestprep on any aspects?


Thanks for the advice guys huge help, will try some of the things you have suggested and let you know how i got on :slight_smile:


Thanks for the advice guys huge help, will try some of the things you have suggested and let you know how i got on :slight_smile:


hey guys has anyone tried the site assessment day the numerical reasoning seems very cheap for what you get, is it worth it ?


Yep, that is the right word, “cheap” :slight_smile:


I’m also curious about the quality of graduatemonkey, and I find 30GBP quite an investment, if it was only half…, or if I had a coupon code laying around… anyway is there somebody who can comment on the SHL section of graduatemonkey?


As if Wikijob turns all our comments into affiliate links, ha!

Two that i’ve used before are GraduateReasoningTests which has got 5/6 free tests and Test Partnership.


SHL section of graduatemonkey is brilliant. They have tutorial videos illustrating shortcut solutions/tricks which is a Bonus on top of the Ebook and practice tests. I got 90% using their material!


Looks like graduatemonkey finally reduced their SHL and Kenexa numerical test preparation pack prices to an affordable level. I had emailed them asking to reduce the prices previously so happy to hear they responded to the customer opinion.


Yeah, graduatemonkey also introduced new Logical Reasoning Test pack. It is the one used by both SHL and Kenexa for the non-verbal test (Abstract or Inductive) - based on series of diagrams/shapes/figures. Graduatemonkey’s pack is brilliantly organised by problem types and they provide videos showing how the diagrams/patterns develop. Highly recommended.


Hi Tomas_y1990:
Is the Logical (Abstract) Reasoning test tutorial pack offered by GraduateMonkey the same as Diagrammatical reasoning test?


Does anyone know if PwC is still hiring? Their website does not state clearly :frowning:


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I have a question actually. Has anyone among you passed the application stage recently? I need to know if PwC is still reviewing new applications for internships.

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You get a yield worth your investment capital. So look at the value instead of price when choosing test prep packs.


I recommend graduatemonkey definitely for numerical reasoning test prep because they also have tutorial videos in addition to timed test simulations


yep, graduatemonkey is quite popular among videoholics who can’t or don’t want to read (although they do have ebooks too!).