Numerical & Diagrammatic Test


For pwc do u have any book recommendations or websites would best prepare me for these tests. I heard there really hard and would like to gain some practice on numerical…what is the numerical about…just graphs like SHL or much more difficult


i am actually talking about the assessment day…are there any verbal exercises like writing up reports or does the individual assessment just include numerical and diagrammatic…thanks heaps guys


Yes. I’m assuming you’re talking about Deloitte again?

Go here:
E-tray exercise | WikiJob

There is a link right at the bottom of the page to an example etray exercise that will be cery similar to what you will have to do at Deloitte.


What i am trying to ask is that in the verbal part of the assessment for both PWC and deloitte are there any tests involving spelling or word meaning…what does the verbal test comprise of on the assessment day


For anyone who comes across this thread in the future, there are now [[numerical reasoning]] and [[verbal reasoning]] tests on WikiJob - see [[Aptitude Tests]]


Are the online tests from PwC only numerical and diagrammatic reasoning? Or, are there verbal reasoning as well?
Where can I practice some diagrammatic tests?