Number of PwC assurance vacancies for Sep 09



I would like to know or find out the number of PwC assurance vacancies for Sep 09 and how they are distributed across the regional offces.

I know I want to do assurance at pwc and want to maximize my chances of getting in.

Are there any offices which pwc perennially struggle to fill.

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Difficult to say on exact numbers. These are almost certainly in flux right now.

PwC struggle more to fill offices in less appealing places, e.g. big cities like London are usually popular, whereas places like Reading or Gatwick, are less so.


I wouldn’t say they struggle to fill places in Reading… there are loads of Reading uni students who apply there let alone others. there are prob other regional offices where fewer may apply.

But its done on a first come first serve system, and PwC have a certain level of quality they require regardless of office, so as long as there are vacancies left, it shouldn’t make too much of a difference which you apply to. This is because they don’t compare you to other candidates, you just have to pass their bar or level. So I say apply early (before the majority) and it won’t matter where.


You can find out the vacancies available on the PwC website. You will also know which ones are filled out. Though it is in percentages, you could read the office profiles and guess roughly the number of graduates they take each year to gauge your chances.

This is the site link:

Scroll down and click all graduate vacancies.

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I know they give the % of places available, but say for 2 offices it says there are 40% of places available but they have differing numbers of vacancies, I would probabilistically have more chance at the office that hires most people. This is correct right? Then again more people would apply.

From what hehehei says, will there be a direct correlation between the size of the office and the number of assurance places?

The pwc helpline was reluctant to give out this sort of info.

I was hoping that they would have some info about last year, say.

Jessica xxx


there are prob other regional offices where fewer may apply.

Could you hazzard a guess?


I think all this is wishful thinking! PWC have a benchmark which if you meet you will get offered a job shown by fact this yr many more quality applicants will have applied and audit in london has been full for months whereas this time last yr i remem there were still vacancies. and i dont think its any easier to get into gatwick or reading one bit. Id spend more time worrying abt doing a good app than numbers which apply etc.