Nucleargraduate telephone interview


Has anyone applied to nucleargraduate and had their telephone interview?


Hey there,

I applied but never heard back; probably didn’t make the cut. When did you hear back?


I rang them up 2 weeks’ ago - apparently their still trawling through all the applications.


I have my interview coming up but have absolutely no idea what to expect. can anybody help please? thanks


Taio - phone or assessment centre?


Hey ‘Unemployable’ lol

It’s just the phone interview_ first one


So I had the Interview! Cant really predict the outcome from these things but wasn’t bad at all… A few basic questions like do u have a driving license etc then questions about the nuclear industry as a whole, questions about the scheme and 2 competency questions related to leadership, innovation and doing things differently from every1 else… Hope I pull through to the next tel interview!


Sorry mate, completely forgot to reply. Glad it went OK - mine was similar mix of competency & industry specific questions.


Cool no hassles m8! Did u happen to ask them when we might hear the outcome of our tel interviews? I totally 4got to ask!


Nope, got an email a few weeks back saying they were working on it though. Gd luck!


Cool m8, thanks anyways!! best of luck to you 2


hello all - i had my telephone interview today which seemed to go very well i also got the usual intro questions where you hear about this, driving licence etc… had some questions regarding difficult situations and how i responded… other question generally re nuclear industry etc and stuff about their website. Interviewer didnt mention a second interview just said assessment centre in march and they be back in touch within the week… here’s hoping i see you all there next month…

The Job-Hunter


Hi guys
I applied to for the nucleargraduates 2010 program.
I did a telephone interview
and i recent got an invitation to the assessment centre.

This would be my first time going to an assessment centre, i was hoping if someone has any experience of this and would kindly provide some gernal advice.

also how many of you guys are in the same possition as me, maybe we could help each other, since they are hiring more than a just a few people (and we are not compare to each other but their competencies).



Hi Ash

I also have been invited to a nucleargraduate AC at the end of march and its also my first AC although i have had a few engineering interviews recently and also have an AC next week with Tenaris i’ll pass my experiences on to you… i’ve been reading on this site and others what to expect and totally agree its all about meeting their minimum competency standards not comparing against one another directly. Does look like good program though and do hope they are recruiting a few folk as you say… What is your background im mechanical engineering myself but i do hear there are dedicated nuclear degree’s and they maybe more suitable candidates perhaps?




Hi Dominic

Cool thanks, I got a degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering. the requirements for all the postions are alomst identical, but then again they want you to learn about the industry so i guess that 's why there are no specific technical requirements.
Yeah your right, the candidate with dedicated Nuclear degree might be one step ahead.
I made a facebook group called nucleargraduates 2010 (join it).
also have you finished your presentation, (what means of presentation are you using, since powerpoint is out).
I am thinking of creating OHP sheets which i will print my slides on to.

so you got an AC before the nucleargraduates one, good luck with that mate and please let me know of your experience there.



i have recently attended the AC and it was very exciting as well as tiring. The whole AC was divided into 3 stages. A group exercise and presentation, a case study and competency based technical interview.

The group exercise resolved around a nuclear project. Candidates were given a data sheet and intsructions on how to disect an atom. You were required to split the eletrons from the protons and make the neutrons the atomic weight of the atom. The atom was also can be used to make ionic and covalent bonds therefore it would be wise to assume it was of a gasseous form. There was 1 protons, 1 electron and 2 neutron. When the electron is released from the atom it gives of mass amount of energy and therefore you are required to design and implement a system that can store this energy and use it give off electrical and other forms of power. You are divided onto groups of 2 and then asked to about your team mates performance. Trust me most people did not have a clue wat was going on.

The presentation is how bad your team mate basically is. You have to stand in front of the assessors and tell them why they shud pik u and not ur team mate. From this one member of each group will be eliminated.

Then you move to the case study. Which is basically how to improve the nuclear reactors and you have to wear a non radiation suit and walk around. You have to be comfortable in the suit and show them you are agile. Wearing the suit assessors mite also ask you to dance.

In the competency interview you are asked why do you think non EU nationals should not be allowed to work in the nuclear energy sector. You also have to be eligible to work in this and must prove it by hereditaroy chart to show you are atleast 3/4th original british or member of any other country of the EU. You are also required to memorise the atomic wieght of plutonium and uranium and find the difference between Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Basically its the 3 because that is the difference of the protons in Uranium and Plutonium , the two elements that were used by America when they dropped the nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


Mate no offence but you message sounds like big joke.
I know a couple of people who did the 2008 assessment centre and they mentioned no such thing.
also how is it that you did an AC recently when there is only one AC at the end of this month.


Hi Ash,

I’ve still not started preparing the presentation yet as i got this other AC tomorrow but I am thinking of doing an overview of my final year uni project on OHP slides, have you selected your topic yet? I am surprised no-one else has joined the facebook site do you know how many are actually attending? Well i leave for aberdeen this evening, still a lot closer than warrington:), and i’ll let you know on thursday how that AC goes although it doesnt seem as well organised as the nuclear program its oil&gas industry so its quite well paid… BTW how many programs have you applied for since graduation? Think i must have done 50 applications with 3 interviews and 2 AC’s arranged - hard times!!




Hi Nucleargraduate,

Did see that you had a friend who attended 2008 AC was wondering what his experience was positive/negative and was he offered a job? and assume you are also attending at the end of this month too?




Hi dominic

Yeah your right i figured more people would find that facebook group and we could get the lastest news and updates as well as helping each other along the way.
I know atleast one person who did the 2008 nucleargraduates and got the job, she is currently working for them as a project manager. she said about 12 people attended her assessment centre and about 5 very given an offer, there were about 40 cadidates all together in 2008 and 12 were offered a place. she said “I think carl is looking to take about 30 graduates this year”,
I have managed to finish the presentation, it’s a bit tricky to print it on to OHP using a normal printer (remember to print on the correct side)

Good luck with your AC mate and please let me know of the details afterwards :slight_smile: