Npower Application help


Im doing the application for npower graduate scheme and am not sure how to answer this question:

Give an example of a situation when you gathered and analysed information to help you solve a problem. What information sources did you draw upon? How did you analyse the information? What conclusion did you reach and why? What would you do differently next time? Please keep your answer within 300 words.

Any help will be much appreciated.


It’s a sort of [[competency based questions|competency question]]. Think about a time at university or college when you drew on lots of sources of information to complete a written project, for example. Discuss what you did, and why you think what you did lead to a successful outcome!


Hello everyone,

I am going to book my phone interview for the Quantitative Risk scheme soon, Could anybody please give an insight as to what questions might be asked??? Has anyone already done the phone interview this year (2014)?

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Good luck everybody