What can I do to supplement my income when I’m looking for a job?

I need something for a few hours a week that I can do from home if possible?

I’d work in a bar but everywhere is already full… ! is getting there!!


You could start an internet business selling stuff on eBay? There’s some risk in that though.

You could do freelance journalism. There’s a lot of website out there that need content, and rather than write it themselves, they pay people do it. If you’re remotely capable, they pay quite well per article, and it’s fairly stress free.

The only thing is, writing, unlike a bar job in a quiet bar, where you get paid to do nothing, involves you actually working, cause you get paid for what you do, not how long you spend doing it.


In my experience selling stuff on ebay does make a living but in the end you will feel more bored with life than with a 9-5. Selling stuff on ebay is a dull task. Furthermore, because eBay is so widespread, margins on anything are pretty slim- yes you can make a lot of money out of eBay, but if you think so, you should be able to start your eBay business without leaving your job.