Not Meeting Minimum Requirement


I only got 2-2 after my second year. Is it a lot harder to be invited to do the online tests and interviews if I put down 2-2 as my predicted grade? Or can I just put down 2-1 as my predicted grade because I believe that I will get 2-1 at the end of my degree? Anyone here who put down 2-2 in the online application got invited to do the online tests and interviews etc.?


Getting a 2.2 is a big disadvantage so the first thing I’ll suggest to you is that you work a lot harder in year three and get at least a 2.1. If you don’t get that, then your chances of getting in to a top firm will be massively diminished, although you could still get a job at a smaller firm/less well-known firm.

Regarding predicted grades. Personally, I would put down “predicted 2.1” rather than “predicted 2.2”. Seeing as you are the one predicting your future grade, if you put down 2.2 it’s a bit liek you’re admitting defeat already! You should put down “predicted 2.1”.

If/when you go for interviews you should explain that your year 2 grade was poor and that you are academically capable (proving this with previous module grades or A Level grades) and will work very hard in year three for the 2.1.

Bear in mind that most top firms make job offers on the condition that candidates get a 2.1, so if you were to be offered a job, you would still need that 2.1.

Whatever you do, make sure you get a 2.1!


Obviously give it your best this year for a 2.1 - but just remember that the big 4 isn’t the be all and end all so don’t get too down on yourself if it isn’t happening. Life experience and a good mind are just as, if not more valuable, than a grade on a bit of paper - especially in the case of those robot students that get their firsts at the cost of everything else.