Not heard from PwC after PwC


Do you usually hear back straight away after a telephone/first interview? Its been 4 days.

They say 5 days but Ive heard people hear back if you pass almost immediatley/on the same day?

Getting a bit worried now! :S


Sometimes it can take a while - i.e. manager who interviewed you called away/busy etc.

if you don’t hear in a few days time give them a ring


Once your five days has expired ring them. Don’t bother before then. I got a confirmation of my progress to an assessment center exactly 5 days and 31 minutes after my phone interview. And that was on a sunday evening. I was rather surprised that they confirmed in then, but they did.

I too was thinking I’d screwed up and it was going to be a rejection due to the long wait, but I think when they are busy (this time of year is obviously mega busy for accountancy firms) you may have to wait a while.


Still not heard.

Called 3 times for them to say they’ll send the email out again but they havent. They said they sent me an email a few days ago but havent recieved one. Not in my span or junk and theyre not on my blocked list?


check on the pwc website - I think it has a history of the emails they have sent to you

also who is your email address with?


My email is with Aol, but I’ve received a few emails from them before. I’ll check but I dont remember there being an option to see emails.