Not heard back from pwc partner interview


I had my final partner interview with pwc on tuesday afternoon. I think it well fairly well. It is now thursday evening and I havent heard back from anybody.

Im glued to my phone and email but Im getting nothing.

Is no news good news or should I worry?

Your personal stories are most welcome please
Thanks in advance


I got an offer around two weeks ago - I was called the next day to be offered the position. However, the partner specifically told me he would contact me the next day. I wouldn’t read in to it too much, I’ve heard of others receiving offers after two weeks!


Congratulations Gunned!

Did you hear back ERG?

I have been told that I have the partner interview and i am waiting on a date.

I just wondered if you could tell me about your experience in the partner interview. I appreciate every partner interview will be slightly different but it would be interesting to know some of the questions that came up for other people.



How long have you been waiting on a date for your partner interview Grad101? Because I applied to tax and passed the AC almost 2 months ago now and I’m still waiting on a date! I’ve contacted them several times, but every time they assure me that they’re chasing it up.


Hi Ptaylor1,

I received the call to say I had passed the AC on Monday then someone emailed me arranging the date for my Partner Interview in Assurance.

Definitely chase it up again.

Good luck,




Which AC did you attend? Were you at London office on Monday?


Hi Grad101,

I made a thread detailing my experiences on the PwC recruitment process - I wrote it a couple of months ago, when I first received the offer:




No i wasn’t at the London office, and mine was last week.

Good luck